RSPCA share heartbreaking images of “worst injuries seen in 20 years” after dog is “used for badger baiting” – Viral News UK


HEARTBREAKING images show the horrific injuries sustained by a dog after he was “used for badger baiting”.

The distressing pictures were shared by RSPCA Cymru after they rescued the pup last Wednesday [14 Oct].

Fig the dog - Viral News UK
Fig suffered some of the worst injuries an inspector had seen in a 20 year career

The mangled pooch, named Fig, wandered into a yard in Painscastle, Powys and was immediately taken to a vet.

The inspector dealing with the case has called the injuries “one of the worst” he had seen in more than twenty years on the job.

The images show Fig with tufts of hair missing from his head and a deep laceration on his nose.

Another photo shows the underside of the dog’s mouth where his skin has been so severely damaged you can see his gum fully exposed.

Fig is now under the care of the RSPCA who describe him as: “The friendliest dog going.”

RSPCA Cymru posted the graphic images to Facebook yesterday [Wed] saying: “This is so heartbreaking – poor thing.

Fig injuries close up- Viral News UK
Figs injuries are suspected to be from badger baiting

“This is Fig – he is now safely in our care after he wandered into a yard at Painscastle last week with horrendous injuries – we believe caused by badger baiting. He was covered in mud and extremely thirsty.

“Our inspector said his injuries were “one of the worst” he had seen in his 20-plus years with the RSPCA.

” He is the friendliest dog going and we really hope he is going to be okay – he’ll need treatment on his wounds and some extra TLC following his ordeal.

“If anyone has any information about him, please call us 0300 123 8018. Any little bit of information could help.”

Fig the dog - Viral news UK
Fig is now under the csre of RSPCA Cymru

Discussing the photos, RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben, who was assigned Fig’s case said: “This poor dog is one of the worst I have seen in my 20-plus years with the RSPCA. ”

The upsetting images also prompted an outpouring of concern from social media users.

Tanya Shea wrote: “Poor fig, how can anyone do this to a dog. Should make the punishment fit the crime.”

John Badby added: “Poor boy hope someone gives him the love he needs for the rest of his days.”

And Liz Reed said: “Oh my god, poor little baby. People are so irresponsible and disgusting.”

“His lower jaw is injured badly, and he has nasal injuries. It is just a horrendous sight.”

Badger-baiting is a blood sport in which badgers are baited with dogs who locate badgers and drag them from their setts.

Badger baiting has been illegal since 1835 under the Cruelty to Animals Act.