Garda investigate shocking footage of gang attacking man with bicycle and hatchet – Crime News


POLICE in Dublin are investigating after shocking footage emerged showing thugs attacking a man in the street using a hatchet and a bicycle.

The altercation took place near the city centre and saw the gang use a variety of weapons to beat their victim.

The video has been widely shared across social media since it was captured yesterday afternoon.

As the clip begins, a young man can be seen being chased to the ground by a group of men.

One man can be heard screaming: “Kill him, kill him with the hatchet!”

Two accomplices kick the man on the ground as another runs to the man’s aid.

As he gets closer, one of the attackers picks up a bicycle above his head and launches it towards the other men.

The bike goes soaring through the air before clattering down on the victim.

Men fighting on the streets in Dublin - Crime News
A man on the ground is stamped on by the group of men

He manages to get to his feet, but is immediately met by the assailants who come at him with a a hatchet, swinging recklessly and kicking the man to the ground.

He is then violently struck on the head, but manages to crawl away holding his head in his hands as the video ends.

Twitter users have been left stunned by the level of violence on display.

@hales_philip tweeted: “That’s heavy duty s*** that and horrifying, no straighteners any more just charging about chopping each other up.

“Dear me they can have that life for me, not that it will be a long one.”

A image showing a man using a hatchet to attack
A hatchet is brought by one of the men to attack with

@JG2020 posted: “Jesus Christ.”

And @ISAYWHATIWANT19 commented: “How can anyone do that with weapons. It would haunt me all my life if I did it.”

A spokesperson for Garda yesterday [TUE] said: “Gardaí are currently at the scene of an incident that occurred in the Windmill Lane / Creighton Street area of Dublin 2 on 03/11/2020 at approximately 2pm.

“It is reported that an altercation occurred between a group of youths.

“No further information is available at this time. Investigations are ongoing.”

A man lying injured after crawling away from the violence - Crime News
After being struck violently on the head, the man manages crawl away.

A spokesperson for Garda today said: “Gardaí are investigating an assault incident that occurred in the Windmill Lane / Creighton Street area of Dublin 2 on 03/11/2020 at approximately 2pm.

“Following an altercation between a group of youths, involving the use of weapons, three male youths were taken to hospital, one with serious injuries. None of the injured youths received life threatening injuries.

“No arrests have been made at this stage.

“Investigations are ongoing.”