Wednesday, August 17, 2022
NewsMoment "stupid" motorist crashes after losing control on icy hill

Moment “stupid” motorist crashes after losing control on icy hill

TERRIFYING footage captures the moment a car covered in snow slides out of control on an icy road and bashes into another vehicle.

The video shows the car gliding down the hill while beeping its horn, as the driver struggles to control the vehicle before smashing into a stationary car.

The dramatic scene was filmed from a resident’s window in Newsome in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire yesterday morning.

Kevin Burns uploaded the shocking clip to Twitter captioned with: “Huddersfield this morning”.

The video starts by showing a red car covered with snow beeping helplessly as they skate down the hill.

The filmer can be heard saying: “Stupid, why would he even come down here, thick c***.”

Car crashes on icy hill - Travel News
The car’s horn was heard blaring as it raced down the icy hill.

The car continues to slide down the hill at pace towards another car that appears to be stuck in the road.

The motorist is completely helpless as his vehicle rolls towards the other car, smashing into it with a loud thud.

This sends the other vehicle swivelling on the ice while both drivers try and regain control.

The person recording can be heard saying: “Stupid, thick c****” as the car slows to a halt.

The video has prompted social media users to condemn the driver.

@Wirral9 wrote under Kevin’s post: “Going way too fast for the road condition.”

Car crash icy hill
The car crashed into another vehicle sending it spinning.

@JayAsh94_ said: “To be fair, what the f*** is the person in the car at the bottom of the road doing?”

And @katiemiller2011 said: “I came for the video, stayed for the commentary.”

Local reports show Huddersfield was impacted by heavy snowfall yesterday with other drivers reported to have lost control on the snowy roads.

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