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Review – Independent Wine and Iain Burnett Velvet truffles gift set

Independent Wine has launched  three romantic gift sets for St Valentine’s Day: pairing boutique wines from Italy with award-winning artisan Velvet Truffles by Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier


VALENTINE’S Day is just around the corner and the prospect of lockdown lovers having to have an evening in this year is ever more likely.

2021 could be the year to push the boat out and purchase something special for your partner.

With this in mind you may be interested to hear that Independent Wine has launched a St Valentine’s Day gift set with Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett.

Kurtatsch Mazon Pinot Noir with Velvet Truffles - Food and Drink News Scotland
(Photo provided) Kurtatsch Mazon Pinot Noir with Velvet Truffles £64.90

The gift set, Strawberry and Mint: Pinot Noir and Velvet Truffles Gift Set contains the following flavours:

Ruby Velvet Truffle, Dark Velvet Truffle, Garden Mint Velvet Truffle, Strawberry Velvet Truffle, and Chai Velvet Truffle.

The truffles are paired with  Kurtatsch Mazon Blauburgunder Reiserva 2016 which boasts flavours of strawberries and light mint notes

Vineyards of Cantina Kurtatsch in the Dolomite Alps in Alto Adige - Food and Drink News Scotland
(Image supplied) Vineyards of Cantina Kurtatsch in the Dolomite Alps in Alto Adige.

The Ruby Velvet Truffle offers a tangy and sharp taste as the Blackcurrant ganache that was created with ruby chocolate  is blended excellently to create a sharp, but balanced treat.

The combination of the chocolate with the acidity of wine hosts a perfect harmony for both of the components to show off their qualities.

Next the Dark Velvet Truffle is rich and complex in its flavour, the heaviness of the truffle is lightened by the wine, again a great balance.

The Garden Mint Velvet Truffle boasts a very uniquely fresh mint flavour that is perfectly blended with the truffle to create a fresh and complex flavour profile.

Iain Burnett Velvet truffles - Food and Drink News Scotland
Each Velvet Truffle is delicately covered in a paper-thin layer of chocolate before being decorated with colourful and intricate cocoa butter designs.

The Strawberry Velvet Truffle contains “pure fruit coulis ganache­­­­­­ infused with star anise.”

This is an excellent combination of sharp fruity notes blended with the smoothness of the chocolate offers another unique experience.

The Chai Velvet Truffle contains Assam tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cardamon.

This truffle combines with the fruitiness and acidity of the wine to create a reminiscent Christmas pudding taste which was enjoyable.

The truffles were created by Master Chocolatier and Truffle Specialist Iain Burnett also known as “The Highland Chocolatier.”

Mr Burnett, based in Highland Perthshire uses a single origin cocoa from the South Atlantic island of São Tomé, he combines this cocoa with various fruits and Scottish cream to create his truffles.

Mr Burnett’s mastery and passion for his craft is evident as he has succeeded in creating a truly unique gift set with a broad range of complex flavours.

Paired expertly by the wines from Independent Wine this gift set is ideal for those looking to purchase something special for a loved one on Valentine’s day.

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