Costa “Fortune” – Coffee chain accused of “ripping off” customers after video emerges showing “large measurement fitting into medium cup”


COSTA Coffee has been accused of “ripping off” customers after a video emerged apparently showing their large sized coffees fitting into a regular sized cup.

Lewis Axall went viral on TikTok after filming himself pouring a large coffee from a Costa self-service machine into one of their regular paper cups.

The 27-year-old paid £2.60 for the large coffee at a petrol station in Ackworth in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

However, he claims that the amount of actual liquid inside the cup was the same as the amount going into Costa‘s regular cup, which are priced at £2.10.

The musician from Leeds, West Yorkshire posted the clip last month, writing: “To all you Costa Coffee lovers. Extra 50p for a different sized cup.”

The clip has attracted over 745,000 views and hundreds of comments from fuming consumers saying the clip shows “scamming at its finest”.

The short clip begins with Axall pouring his large coffee into the regular, where he can be heard saying: “Come on Costa you need to sort this out man.

“Why are we paying an extra 50p for a large drink when it’s exactly the same as a regular?

Musician hits out at costa for "ripping" people off after video shows large quantity fitting in to normal cup - Viral News UK
Lewis Axall claimed the the large cup fitting into the normal size and accused the chain of ripping people off (C) Axall_Official

It then ends with him showing the name of each cup with ne being labelled large and the other medium.

Speaking today Axall said: “One day I went into my local petrol station and bought a large Costa two weeks beforehand.

“But the machine decided to take a funny turn, which resulted in the outer side of my cup full of froth so I went to get a new cup but there wasn’t any large left.

“They only had medium so I decided to pour the large into the medium and take my losses if there was some left over but, to my amazement the large Costa cup fitted into the medium Costa cup.

Musician hits out at costa for "ripping" people off after video shows large quantity fitting in to normal cup - Viral News UK
Lewis discovered the “rip off” when the machine messed up his cup with froth so he decided to pour it into a medium cup (C) Axall_Official

“Two weeks later I decided I would try it again but this time I would place a medium cup under the machine and press for a large and once again the large fitted in the medium.

“The difference between a large and medium is a single and double shot of coffee but I have friends who work in these machines that have confirmed that there is no difference at all and most of the time you don’t even get the extra shot unless the machine is very new.

“As for actual coffee with no froth it fits into medium. So basically they give you extra froth to make you think you’re getting large. When in actual fact it’s the exact same amount of water and drink.”

TikTok users were enraged by the video with many criticising the chain for exploiting them.

Tom Walford wrote: At the Costa machines put a medium cup but order large, it will fill it perfectly and you’ll be charged for a medium obviously.

Musician hits out at costa for "ripping" people off after video shows large quantity fitting in to normal cup - Viral News UK
The chain were barraged of criticism after the video emerged online (C) Axall_Official

Stants820 said: I got a large from a machine the other day and when I took the lid of if. It was only three quarters full. Rip off.”

Ewey02 said: “ I used to fill these machines. It’s when they are serviced, if it’s just serviced you’ll get the right amount if not then as this shows you get s”””.

Kirstynlucyberridge said: “Because that’s not a large cup. I worked at Costa. They are both mediums in the machines but they say ones are large.”

An employee for the company claims that both cups are medium but one is labelled large for the machine.

It was recently reported that Costa “secretly” increased their prices and took advantage of the VAT relief offered by Sunak.

The company increased the price of large Americano coffee to £3 from 2.63 and bap now costs £2.95 from £2.58 a 14% increase.

A Costa spokeswoman today said: “We can assure customers that when purchasing a large Costa Express drink you are receiving more coffee and liquid compared to a regular size.

“Each drink, including volume of coffee, liquid, and milk froth texture, which is lost when pouring from one cup to another, is dispensed according to cup size and drink selected.

She added: “For the safety of our customers no drink is ever filled to the brim of the cup, as shown in the video.”