Mum underestimates speed of slide and ends up landing in dirty puddle


A HILARIOUS video captured the moment a mother underestimated the speed of a playground slide – and ended up landing in a dirty puddle with her baby.

Rachel Lynch and one-year-old Aoibheann were filmed making their disastrous landing while at Rathcoole Park in Dublin yesterday.

In the clip, the pair can be seen settling into position at the top of the metal slide as they are about to make their way down.

Rachel, 29, then starts shuffling forward due to her thinking that the slide wouldn’t be as quick as expected.

She clings onto Aoibheann as the two fly down the large slide at high speed.

Rachel then attempts to slow the two of them down by holding onto the side of the slide.

However, her efforts are too little too late as the two come off the end of the slide and land straight into a huge brown puddle situated directly at the base of the slide.

Rachel stops for a second, and cries out: “No!” as tot Aoibheann starts to cry.

Mum underestimates speed of kiddie slide - Viral Video News
The Mother Daughter duo fly off the end of the slide.

Rachel shared the video onto Twitter later that day, tweeting: “ Everyone needs a laugh right now

“Took the baby on the slide today, firstly thought it can’t be that fast as it’s a kids slide.

“Secondly I didn’t think it was that wet. Thirdly, I didn’t see the puddle… no one was injured (just soaked).”

Since she posted the video, it has been viewed over 80,000 times and left Twitter users in stitches.

Mum underestimates speed of kiddie slide - Viral Video News
Rachel and Aoibheann sit in the puddle.

@l15eto said: “I don’t know you, but you’ve really perked up a s***** day. Thanks for the giggle.”

@LiverpoolAreMa1 posted: “Superb, thank you for the laughs.”

@mgm1809 commented: “Sorry Rachel but am sore laughing, hope you got all dried off. The wee one will let you go yourself next time.”

Mum underestimates speed of kiddie slide - Viral Video News
Twitter users found it hilarious.

Speaking today, Rachel said: “I didn’t see the puddle and with it being a child’s slide I really didn’t think it would gather as much pace as it did.

“I was wrong, and certainly didn’t factor in that when it’s wet it would probably get things moving even quicker