Sainsbury’s customer left gutted after burger melted in oven


A SAINSBURY’S customer was left gutted after his burger melted through his grill tray – causing him to have a salad for dinner. 

Geoff Bushnell couldn’t believe his eyes when his two Steak and Vintage Cheddar Burgers melted through his grill tray on Saturday night.

The 50-year-old had not long returned home from a hard shift as a fireman when his dinner turned into a mushy mess. 

Sainsburys mush burger | Food and Drink News UK
Geoff later posted evidence of his disasterous dinner to Facebook.

Geoff, from Reading in Berkshire, believed that the burger melted because there was too much cheese in comparison to the mince content.

Having had his dinner turned into an inedible mess, Geoff resorted to having a salad, chips and a bun with no burger. 

Disgusting images show the unrecognisable burger, which has been melted into a blob of revolting mush, tangled in between the rails of the grill. 

Sainsburys mush burger | Food and Drink News UK
After long day at work Geoff’s dinner sadly turned to mush.                                                                   (C) Geoff Bushnell

Underneath is a collection of fat and cheese, which has melted through the burger and accumulated into an equally revolting puddle beneath the meat. 

Another image shows the empty burger wrapper which advertises the burgers as being new, and reads: “Taste the difference. 

“Two beef steak and vintage cheddar burger.”

Posting about his disastrous dinner to Facebook on Saturday Geoff wrote: “Well that definitely is taste the bloody difference.”

Sainsburys mush burger | Food and Drink News UK
The new burger’s packaging read: “taste the difference”                                                                       (C) Geoff Bushnell

The post collected dozens of likes with users finding humour in the condition of Geoff’s burgers. 

Jessica Bushnell wrote: “Looks like my cooking.”

Pete Farmer said: “They cooked well then!”

Speaking today Geoff said: “It was Saturday evening, I was looking forward to a nice burger after a day’s work! 

“I just put them under the grill and it melted into a mush.

“ I think there was too much cheese.

“I melted with disappointment.

“Totally gutted.”

Speaking today, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “The quality of our products is extremely important to us and we have been in touch with the customer to apologise and provide a full refund.”