Pharmacy worker shocked to find phallic shaped mug in charity shop


A PHARMACY worker couldn’t believe her eyes after finding a rude phallic shaped mug in a charity shop – that she later snapped up for just £1

Hayley Baldwin couldn’t resist snapping up the X-rated mug when she spotted it in the Blue Cross charity shop in Trowbridge on Saturday. 

The 55-year-old was charity shopping for post war tableware with her daughter when she stumbled across the bizarre phallic-shaped mug. 

Penis Shaped mug handle | Consumer News UK
Hayley found the raunchy mug whilst shopping in a Blue Cross charity shop.                                          (C) Hayley Baldwin

The raunchy handle of the mug allows brew lovers to refresh themselves with an eccentric risqué cup of tea.

Hayley shared photographs of her new purchase onto a charity shop Facebook group – leaving hundreds of group members in stitches.

Images show the mug as it was found in the charity shop, alongside a photograph of it filled with tea after Hayley took it home.

Hayley captioned her post: “Blue Cross. Trowbridge. £1.

“And yes, of course it came home with me.”

Hayley’s post now holds over 800 likes with more than 200 comments from users who joked in their responses. 

Penis Shaped mug handle | Consumer News UK
Hayley bought the mug for just £1 and used it for a cup of tea.                                                             (C) Hayley Baldwin

One user wrote: “I think I will get this to use for my coffee when I’m on Zoom calls.”

Whilst another said: “I had one of these but the handle kept shrinking when it was cold.”

One member wrote: “Ensures no one borrows it at work either.”

Another user joked: “In for a penny, in for a pounding.”

Another wrote: “Teabag time!”

Speaking today Hayley said: “I was in Trowbridge on Saturday with my daughter.

“I collect a certain type of post war tableware so I always like to check the charity shops.  

“I pointed it out to my daughter, who is 13, and we had a giggle and she said ‘buy it, buy it, buy it’ …so I did.

“It’s terrible to drink out of because the handle is hollow and when it’s full of tea it’s too hot to pick up… no use nor ornament.”