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Scots comedian Limmy reveals how he has been off the “demon drink” for 17 years

SCOTS comedian Limmy has revealed that he has been off the “demon drink” for 17 years. 

The 46-year-old, real name Brian Limond, told his 529,000 followers on Twitter about his achievement on the anniversary of his sobriety yesterday.

Limmy admitted to still having an urge for alcohol and said how he would still like to enjoy a “wee red wine here” or a “wee pint there”. 

Limmy celebrating his sobriety on Twitter | Scottish News
The Limmy’s Show star celebrated 17 years of sobriety on Twitter last night.

The father-of-one went on to reveal that he never believed he would be “the type of person” to stop drinking but said that “booze can wreck your life”. 

The TV funnyman was praised by fans for his sobriety and told by many how he had inspired them to give up alcohol too.

Writing about his milestone on Twitter last night, Limmy wrote: “17 years off the demon drink today.”

“I haven’t stopped wanting a drink. 

“Not all the time, but I’d like a wee red wine here, a wee pint there. 

“Because aside from how much booze can wreck your life, it’s wonderful stuff.”

Responding to followers who have congratulated him on his sobriety, the Glaswegian added: “Thanks, everybody. Without going on about it all too much like I normally do, let me just say that I never would have thought I’d be the type of person to stop drinking. 

“It was beyond my imagination. 

“If you’re thinking of stopping but don’t think you can, well, there ye are.”

Scots Comedian Limmy | Scottish News
Despite his impressive achievement, Limmy admitted that he does still want to drink at times.                 (C) Limmy Twitter

The post has now collected over 19,000 likes with hundreds of comments from Twitter users who were inspired by the comedian’s efforts. 

@MsMoffatJackman wrote: “Just finished reading your book, well done for staying off the drink! 

“You also motivated me to really face my depression. 

“Started meditating regularly, got a self help CBT book and everything.”

To which Brian replied: “Glad to f****** hear it.”

@57biffy commented: “Can I be heavy soppy here. 

“Your truck stimulator when you spoke about mental health and the fall out etc, that made something click for me and I’ve been much happier in myself. 

“Much appreciated.”

@JamesJoys replied: “Congratulations. 

“You chatting away about it all years ago helped me to stop four years ago.”

@pmac18_ joked: “Jacqueline mccafferty would be proud.”

Response to Limmy's tweet | Scottish News
Twitter users were inspired by Limmy’s consistent commitment to sobriety.

And fellow comedian Matt Forde said: “That’s superb.”

Limmy spoke to The National newspaper in 2019 about giving up drinking, saying: “I had a few low points, as they say.

“When I was ready to top myself was the lowest I ever felt. I fortunately had what you could call a spiritual awakening – even though I’m not a spiritual person – or a primal, instinctive feeling, and realised I was going to die.

“It was enough to promise myself that I wasn’t going to drink again. I felt it the whole time. I felt optimistic. It was out my system. I felt invincible after it – it was a rock-solid decision.

“Hardly anything was still good when I was sober. I always had to hide how bored I was.

“If people I know take a break from alcohol and tell me how bored they are, I tell them to try it for 15 years. You don’t get used to it. Maybe if you took booze away, society would collapse and nobody would step out the front door – who knows?

“It changed my life for the better, but made me go out less, but I’m not like that – I like sitting on my computer and playing games.”

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