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EntertainmentRobert MacIntyre impresses fans with golf ball keepy-uppy skills

Robert MacIntyre impresses fans with golf ball keepy-uppy skills

SCOTS golf pro Robert MacIntyre has impressed fans after being filmed doing keepy-uppies with a golf ball.

The 24-year-old shared the clip on Twitter yesterday asking the Scotland national team if it was “too late for a call up”.

The clip shows MacIntyre, of Oban, Argyll and Bute, dropping the white golf ball down onto his right foot to begin his keepy-uppies. 

The left-handed pro then proceeds to juggle the ball between his two white golf shoes and knees during the video.

At one point MacIntyre almost loses control of the ball as it pings off.

But the Scots golfer somehow manages to cushion it back down and begins a well managed run of touches between his two feet. 

MacIntyre continues the rally and counts up a total of 22 keepy-uppies before finally catching the ball with his hand. 

As MacIntyre completes the impressive rally, the camera man is heard praising the effort, saying: “That’s unbelievable. 

“No one would have had you down for that.”

The up and coming talent posted the video to Twitter last night ahead of Scotland’s first fixture in a major tournament for 23 years today.

Robert MacIntyre doing golf ball keepy-uppies | Scottish News
MacIntyre impressed his twitter followers by completing a total of 22 keepy-uppies with a golf ball.

He wrote: “Too late for a call up @ScotlandNT? 


The post has now collected over 3,000 likes with hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from Twitter users who were impressed by the effort. 

@dougsmart67 wrote: “Unfortunately because you’re a lefty we have a lot of cover at left back. Maybe the next squad if we have a few injuries.”

@Gogetemtiger69 said: “Nice! I bet there’s pro footballers who couldn’t do many with a golf ball…”

@Foxington85 commented: “That’s super impressive.”

@nairy78 added: “That’s incredible.”

@bunkeredgb replied: “Outstanding.”

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