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EntertainmentHilarious clip show Hearts player Andy Halliday stumbling on stage

Hilarious clip show Hearts player Andy Halliday stumbling on stage

HILARIOUS video shows Hearts player Andy Halliday stumbling onto stage during a EURO 2020 outdoor event.

The 29-year-old footballer featured at the Open Goal Podcast event at SWG3 in Glasgow on Monday before the Scotland versus Czech Republic match.

However, as co-host Si Ferry hyped up the former Rangers player’s entry to the stage, Halliday made a spectacular slip in a hilarious anti-climactic entry to the stage.

Having been “battering the Tennent’s all day”, Halliday then proceeded to miss the next day’s podcast.

Ferry and fellow co-host Kevin Kyle later joked on their podcast that his no-show was due to having a hangover.

The video shows Si riling up the crowd as he shouts slogans for them to repeat back to him. 

He chants “Scotland” three times for the fans to scream back at him before shouting “yeah”. 

He then asks the crowd to cheer for Kyle who makes a flawless entry to the front of the stage. 

Andy Halliday about to fall on stage | Scottish Football News
Halliday went to jump up on to the stage but instead missed and fell.

Si then proceeds to introduce Halliday to the stage who attempts to hop up onto the back of the stage.  

However, he miscalculates the height of the jump and his right foot catches on the ledge, sending him flying into one of the stage seats. 

In a bid to recover from the embarrassing slip up, Halliday executes a well-styled roly-poly over the seat and proceeds to shout “Scotland” down his microphone. 

However the damage is done and the fans continue to laugh at the footballer’s misfortune. 

Mick Quigley, a chef at Celtic Park, posted the hilarious video to Twitter on Monday night writing: “Andy Halliday.”

The post has now collected over 5,900 likes, 400 retweets and dozens of comments from humored viewers.

@BabyBoo4444444 wrote: “He recovered well to be fair.”

@phil10barclay commented: “Great recovery. Forward roll gets you out of anything.”

Andy Halliday falling on stage | Scottish Football News
Halliday tried to recover from the trip with a roly-poly over the seat he had fallen on.

@RossMcCluskey said: “Couldn’t have happened to anyone better.”

@Stacieleigh1872 added: “Aw no, I’m actually cringing for him.”

Speaking today, Mick, 42, said: “Halliday was battering the Tennent’s lager all day.

“He was blazing by the end of the game.

“That was his second fall, after telling us he was good enough for the Scotland squad and a better player than Patterson of Rangers.

“He was in good spirits, just like the rest of the lads.

“He’s tried to recover by chanting ‘Scotland’ but by that time he was a laughing stock.

“Ferry and Kyle were buckled at him as he was raging.

“The loss didn’t affect the day, it was a great day, all full of fun and no trouble at all.”

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