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PoliticsScottish Education Secretary trolled by political party with vulgar images

Scottish Education Secretary trolled by political party with vulgar images

SCOTTISH Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has been accused of allowing a “corrupting and misleading sex education” programme.

The Scottish Family Party made the accusations while trolling the MSP last week by editing vulgar sexual images onto a photoshopped photograph of Somerville’s office building.

The explicit pictures show cartoons in different sexual positions and performing lewd acts.

Scottish Family Party Education Secretary photoshopped post - Politics News Scotland
The Scottish Family Party posted the image to their Facebook last week.

Mocked up posters include captions saying: “Sex Education, SNP style” and “Have fun with porn!” are also added onto the window. 

The Scottish Family Party shared the bizarre images on their Facebook page last week after stating they had been trying to contact Somerville.

The post read: “We wrote to the new Education Secretary asking whether she was going to immediately review the sex education resources. Over three weeks later, we have had no reply.

Making reference to Colin Morrison, they continued: “So, Ms Somerville, we now hold you responsible for the ongoing vulgar, corrupting and misleading sex education programme masterminded by a man who speaks approvingly about breaking down the barriers between childhood and sexuality.”

The post ends with a link to a video on the Scottish Family Party YouTube page where party leader Richard Lucas analyses the SNP’s “disgusting” Sex Education resources. 

Scottish Family Party SNP office edit - Politics News Scotland
The photo included graphic images and captions criticising the SNP.                                               (C)Scottish Family Party 

In the comments, the party added: “At every stage, the material is wholly inappropriate, far too explicit, unnecessary, corrupting, irresponsible, dangerous, flippant and disrespectful of anyone who would consider any of what is promoted is immoral. 

“And it even jokes about breaking the law”.

Dozens of SFP supporters have praised the party for the post.

Fiona McGeachin said: “Disgusting. Please keep making this information available to all parents.” 

Charles McEwan said: “Good one. It is about time people started waking up and asking questions of their head teachers.”

Anthony Burns said: “Perverted!”

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