Scotland footballer buys fans drinks on app hours before England match


SCOTLAND footballer Scott McKenna bought a round of drinks for a group of Tartan Army fans by sending them pints via an app.

Footie fan Ryan Stephen was shocked when the Scotland defender sent him and his four friends pints of Peroni and Jägerbombs on Friday.

Amazingly the selfless act was sent just hours before Scotland’s clash against England while the team were preparing for the highly anticipated match.

Ryan's social media plea for free drinks | Scottish News
Ryan posted his table number on social media in hopes his pals would send them free booze.                   (C) Ryan Stephen

Ryan, 28, had advertised his table number at Paxtons Head pub in Knightsbridge on social media so that his friends could send him drinks.

The off-shore worker, from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, was left buzzing after McKenna spotted his post online and ordered the drinks in.

McKenna noticed the post on his feed after Ryan’s friend Craig Duguid, 27, who used to play football with the Scotland star, had shared the post.

Ryan shared his story to Twitter on Friday writing: “Scott McKenna, what a guy. 

“Viva Scotland.” 

The post has now collected over 200 likes. 

Speaking today Ryan said: “We got to the pub quite early and obviously with all the Covid-19 restrictions everything is ordered from the table. 

“I’d seen it before that people put their table number and location on social media and people send them drinks.

“We were going to be there for a few hours because it was lashing with rain on the day of the game.

“I’ve got the four other lads that were at the table to share it.

“One of my mates, Craig Duguid, used to play for Aberdeen when he was younger and he was about the same age as Scott McKenna so they knew each other.

The round of drinks that Scott McKenna bought | Scottish News
The Scotland defender sent the pals four pints of Peroni and four Jägerbombs.                                        (C) Ryan Stephen

“We were just sitting at the table and all of a sudden a notification came through on Craig’s phone. 

“We obviously got pretty excited and the pubs kind of erupted as well and right enough the drinks came over.”

Ryan added: “The man in the Scotland squad sending us a round of drinks whilst he’s probably having his team briefing is pretty special.

“I was just buzzing, it was very unexpected. 

“We’d had a bit to drink by then so we were pretty rowdy as you can imagine.

“Just set us right up, got us buzzing about the whole thing. Everyone we told was also buzzing!”

Scotland drew 0-0 with England at the much anticipated game at Wembley Stadium on Friday.