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Glasgow Life accused of sexism after claims that no sanitary bins were provided at EURO 2020 Fan Zone

EURO 2020 Fan Zone organisers at Glasgow Green have been accused of sexism after claims that no sanitary bins or products have been made available. 

Visitor Eireann McAuley claimed on Twitter last night that sanitary disposal bins have not been provided in the toilets at the area.

She accused Glasgow Life, who run the event, of failing to cater for women.

Eirrean McAuley sanitary bins Euro 2020 tweet - football news Scotland
The 23 year old tweeted the Fan Zone to express her disbelief.

Eireann also said that women appeared to be “a second thought” for organisers and described the situation as “extremely disappointing”. 

In a series of tweets to the official Glasgow EURO 2020 Twitter page, she said: “Hi @GlasgowEURO2020 – I can’t believe we are a host city and cannot provide one sanitary bin or products for women who are at the Fan Zone. 
“Extremely disappointing for a country that has just passed a bill on period provision/products and wants to be a world leader. Please address. 

She continued: “Another layer of sexism at football too and women a second thought. 
“How much of an equality impact assessment was done at the fan zones?
“We are on the European stage and can’t meet basic sanitary provision needs?
“We need more than lip service to equality, meeting girls and women’s health needs and promoting the women’s game.
“A HUGE opportunity missed to keep challenging the taboo of periods and normalising it… especially to predominantly white straight working class males and fans.”

Eirrean McAuley sexism Euro 2020 tweet - football news Scotland
McAuley accused the Fan Zone of sexism.

Eireann’s Tweets now have over 800 likes, with many people shocked by the claims.
@Vvfabs said: “Not even a bin? Are you joking?” 
@alisonmcghee10 replied: “@NicolaSturgeon have you seen this? Hopefully we aren’t just all talk…”
@MariaLee_xx commented: “OMG that’s shocking to even read.” 

Eireann was particularly disappointed given Scotland’s recent progress with free sanitary products.

The Period Products (Free Provision) Act came into place on January 12th 2021.

The 23-year-old, from Glasgow, says that the situation made her feel embarrassed.

Speaking today she said: “I’ve always been a football fan and I play football too.

“I noticed it at the first point I went to the toilet.

“I had also taken my period too so I was in a bit of a panic and realised all of the cubicals had no sanitary bins never mind sanitary products.

“I was lucky to find someone to give me what I needed but still no bins.

“I appreciate that these are Portaloos but I don’t think that is an excuse.

Eireann McAuley- football news Scotland
Eireann was “extremely disappointed” at the lack of sanitary bins.                                                        (C) Eireann McAuley

“Where is the equality impact assessment?

“I think it is disappointing given that we have made so much progress on period provision and talking about periods.

“Ensuring that period provision was provided and even basic things like sanitary bins was a missed opportunity to again show the world we are serious about tackling period poverty, the taboo and are a world leader in periods.

“I couldn’t even leave the Fan Zone because I wouldn’t be allowed back in.

“That embarrassment and shame and worrying about your period rather than enjoying the game is something we shouldn’t need to worry about.

She added: “Given we just passed a bill, like I said we should’ve used this opportunity to showcase to Europe how serious we are about this.

“Also much of the demograph at the football is white straight working class men – we could have used the fan zones and the fact we are a host city to keep challenging the taboo.

“I understand there has been progress inside of football stadiums but this is an example that on the ground and in public places and events we still have a very long way to go.”

Eireann was there to watch Scotland’s clash with Croatia, which ended with Scotland losing 3-1 and crashing out of Euro 2020.

The issue will now be dealt with by the Fan Zone, with free sanitary products available from tomorrow and bins added to accessible toilets.

A spokesperson for the UEFA EURO 2020 Glasgow Host City Team said: “We recognise the importance of tackling period dignity and ensuring the Fan Zone is accessible to all.

“We are addressing the matter urgently, with free period products available at our information point from tomorrow.

“We are also installing sanitary bins in our accessible portaloos, which have additional space, and this will be clearly signposted for patrons.”

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