Monday, May 16, 2022
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Shocking video shows Scotland and England fans violently clashing at UK’s largest army base

A SHOCKING video shows Scotland and England fans violently clashing at the UK’s largest army base while bagpipes continue to play in the background.

Footage shows rival supporters chanting at each other from opposite sides of Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire last week before it took a violent turn.

England fans were filmed belting out The Three Lions towards the Tartan Army who were located at an adjacent building at the barracks.

The clip then shows the group of around ten Scotland supporters trying to drown out their rivals with bagpipes.

The piper continuously belts out Scotland the Brave while surrounded by footie fans wearing Scotland strips and kilts.

The clip then flips to footage taken afterwards which shows the two rival team supporters violently clashing.
Around a dozen men, most wearing Scotland strips and kilts, huddle and push each other whilst targeting a lone England supporter.

The man, covered in an England flag, was filmed cradled on the floor as a male kicked him in the back and the stomach. 

The brute then swings and punches him in the face while his victim tries to protect his face with his hand and flag.

Kilted Scotland fans sing | Football News UK
The Scotland and England supports could be seen singing and shouting at each other from separate building blocks.

A piper continues to play on their bagpipes throughout the whole incident.


The initial footage showing the rival sides trying to drown each other out was shared on social media yesterday captioned: “This is brilliant” followed by a thumbs up emoji. 
It has attracted nearly 500 likes and over 280 shares.

Some social media users later took to the clip to share the second scene which captured the base erupting into chaos.

Dozens of viewers have commented on the footage.
One user said: “Something beautiful about bagpipes playing as somebody is getting a kicking.” 

Scotland and England supporters fighting | Football News UK
The two sets of supporters could be seen scrapping as the bagpipes played in the background.

Another said: “I was half expecting Mel Gibson to ride out on his horse!” 
While one added: “Soon as I saw this I knew it was barracks, mad b******.” 

An British Army spokesman today said: “We are aware of an incident last week in Catterick. We will assist with any enquiry.

“If any soldiers have been found to not be meeting our Values & Standards, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

“Service Police are investigating and it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this stage.”

A spokesman for the British Army today confirmed that there is no civilian police involvement in relation to the incident at the moment. 

The organisation is investigating and dealing with it internally at this stage. 

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