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Fed up Scot resorts to leaving stones in park calling litterers “fannies”

A SCOT has resorted to leaving foul-mouthed stones at a local park with messages calling litterers “fannies” after being fed up with cleaning up other people’s rubbish.

JD Quenzer painted a dozen customised stones with cheeky messages after noticing an increase in rubbish in Eliburn Park in Livingston, West Lothian

The Livingston local then left them on fences and benches in the park this week in a bid to encourage park users to “take your s**t” home”. 

Eliburn park stone livingston - Scottish News
JD left the stones on fences and benches around Eliburn Park.                                                                     (C) JD Quenzer

While most of the stones were referring to general littering, some included messages about dog fouling.

One reads: “Dog s***: bag it and bin it, ya fanny.”

Each and every stone has the word “fanny” on it in one way or another. 

The stones have since been met with a mixed reaction from locals with some people not approving of the choice of words.

Quenzer, an astronomer, posted images of the stones on Facebook on Wednesday with the caption: “One has installed some temporary signage at #EliburnPark hot spots…”

Dog poo stone Eliburn Park - Scottish News
Some of the stones were directed at people leaving dog foul.                                                                      (C) JD Quenzer

The post now has over 200 likes, with most viewers seeing the funny side to the messages.

Leona Stevenson said: “Not the signage I had imagined but even better” with a crying with laughter emoji at the end. 

Penny Thompson said: “Fantastic! And I TOTALLY agree with the wording lol!”

But others felt that the foul language was inappropriate for a public park. 

Linda Strathdee said: “The idea is good but I don’t agree with the wording.”

And William Hardiee added: “Loads of rocks with fanny wrote on them scattered about a kids park. Well done. Genius.”

Speaking today, JD said: “They are made with environmentally friendly paints and varnish. As simple as that. The rocks were gathered from the area.  

“The litter at Eliburn Park here in Livingston has been particularly shocking of late. 

“I’ve been picking litter with my mother and my partner during lockdown, and where many areas have greatly improved, Eliburn park remains stubborn.

Eliburn Park - Scottish News
JD says Eliburn Park has a particularly bad littering problem.                                                                    (C) Google Maps

“A broad range of culprits could be identified on a general basis, reflecting all age groups.

“However, the bulk of littering is not caused by children, but rather teenagers and young adults, many of whom purchase fast food – such as McDonalds – and drive to the park to consume it.

He continued: “The area attracts drinking parties later in the evening and this spreads to surrounding woodland areas and fields.  

“Not everyone who visits the park litters, but it is clear that many feel it is reasonable to do so, and as there are no repercussions, continue to do so.  

“Adults are happy to not pick up after their dog if they think no one is looking.”

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