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In BriefDalmatian has 18 inches of intestine removed after eating discarded rubbish left...

Dalmatian has 18 inches of intestine removed after eating discarded rubbish left in Scots field


A DALMATIAN had to have 18 inches of his intestine removed after eating rubbish that was left behind in a Scottish field.

Milo contracted sepsis and needed major surgery after digesting a mayonnaise carton and a plastic bag full of discarded rubbish in Sheddocksley in Aberdeen earlier this month.

The eleven-year-old pooch started being sick and was rushed to Morven Veterinary Practice in Alford, Aberdeen, who discovered the rubbish had caused two holes in his stomach and a large blockage.

Milo after surgery - Animal News Scotland
Milo was being sick after digesting items from the discarded rubbish bags.

Milo ended up having 18 inches of his intestine removed leaving his owner Dorothy Battensby with an eye watering vet bill of £1,900.

NHS worker Dorothy has now hit out at the “lazy individuals” who left the rubbish lying around in the first place.

Speaking today, Dorothy, 55, said: “The vet said if we had left it any longer he wouldn’t have made it.

“We had been out for a walk and he ran off. He’s usually really good and comes back when he’s called but I had to go round looking for him.

The bags that were found dumped in a field - Animal News Scotland
The bags that were dumped in the Scottish field.

“I found him with his nose in a black bag. It had obviously been dumped there. There were poo bags, nappies and rotten food. It was horrendous.

“The farmer has found dumped mattresses and all sorts there before. Someone would have probably had to go there to just dump it.

“We went back and removed it.

“Milo ended up in surgery for about five hours. The vets stayed with him through the night as they didn’t think he would make it. He’s been great, he is a fighter.

“He’s recovering well but has been quiet and sleeping a lot.”

Vets had to remove 18 inches of Milo's intestine - Animal News Scotland
The bag and rubbish that was found inside Milo.

Dorothy posted about the incident on Facebook last Tuesday, writing: Please take a second to look at these photos of rubbish which has been disrespectfully strewn around the fields.

“In this particular bag there was all sorts of rubbish from rotten food to nappy bags and dog poo bags!

“Unfortunately when out for a walk on Friday 14th May, our eleven year old dog Milo decided to eat some of the rubbish but we pulled him away from it and we thought that would be that.

“On Sunday, Milo began to be repeatedly sick. Milo usually has quite a sensitive stomach though so we didn’t think much of it.

“On Monday though, Milo continued to be sick and eventually he could no longer keep water down and he began to breathe funny and so we took him for an emergency appointment at our vets.

“After taking blood he told us that Milo did have sepsis and that he’d keep him in overnight and hopefully they’d caught it early. If not, the vet said that Milo would not make it.

Milo is now back home and recovering well - Animal News Scotland
Milo is now recovering at home – Animal News Scotland

“They found a MAYONNAISE carton (like the ones you’d get at McDonalds) and a plastic bag full of rotten rubbish.

“This caused two holes in his stomach and a blockage so bad they had to remove 18 INCHES of his intestine.”

She continued: “If the person who left this disgusting mess hadn’t been so lazy, if they’d taken their rubbish home, Milo wouldn’t have had to undergo such major surgery.

“Dogs should be able to enjoy their local parks in the same way as we all can. This could just as easily have been a child.

“We’re now left with a veterinary bill of almost £2000 as a result of a selfish individual’s pure laziness and Milo is left with a long and painful recovery.”

The post has had over 400 shares and almost 200 comments from Facebook users.

Nicola Watt said: “Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Milo, what an awful thing to happen, we will certainly be keeping a close eye when walking our dogs up about that area.”

And Jennifer Kane wrote: “Poor pooch bloody awful that humans are so careless and innocent animals get hurt. Hope Milo feels better soon, poor bugger.”

Dorothy later set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money to help with the life saving vet fees.

She added: “Sadly it’s virtually pointless to insure an older dog and as a result of people’s carelessness, we are left to foot Milo’s vet bill of £1900.”

To donate, please visit https://gofund.me/a4865c3c

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