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Shocking video shows police trying to restrain aggressive pub goers

SHOCKING scenes show police desperately trying to restrain aggressive pub-goers in Scunthorpe over the bank holiday weekend.

The police were called to reports of a disturbance inside The Blue Bell Inn Wetherspoons branch on Oswald Road in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire on Friday.

Upon arrival, four police officers and a member of bar staff were reportedly assaulted by a group of men – resulting in two officers requiring hospital treatment.

The video appears to show the aggressor grabbing a police officer and putting him in a headlock before taking the officer to the ground.

The officer manages to grapple with the thug on the ground before the arrestee attempts to gouge the officer’s eyes with his free-hand.

Another officer then lands blows on the thug’s body until he releases his grip.

Arresting officer's eye being gouged by restrainee - Police News UK
A still from the footage showing the arresting officer’s eye’s being gouged by the restrainee

At this point, the assisting officer is tackled by a woman at the pub then grabbed by a man from behind, both trying to stop the officer from striking the offender.

The clip then cuts to the officers brandishing their tasers at the aggressors in the pub, keeping them at an arm’s length after the initial brawl.

By the end of the footage, several police officers and police vehicles are shown at the pub.

Assisting officer landing blows while arresting officer uses pepper spray - Police News UK
A still showing the assisting officer striking blows to release the detainee’s grip while the arresting officer uses pepper spray

A number of people were questioned but have subsequently been released as the police continue enquiries.

Chief Inspector Paul French of Humberside Police today said: “Now that restrictions are lifting and hospitality is reopening, we are doing all we can to support members of the public and local businesses as the night time economy re-starts.

“Our first response will always be to engage with drinkers, however please be assured that we will swiftly and robustly deal with any cases of disorder and we certainly will not tolerate abuse and violence directed at our officers or at hospitality staff.

Two bystanders begin to pry off the assisting officer - Police News UK
Two pub-goer’s intervene in the arrest, grabbing the assisting officer after he strikes blows onto the detainee

“There are additional measures in place at the moment and venues are working hard to adapt.

“If you are going out, please be patient with staff and respectful of the rules in place at individual establishments. They are there to keep you and others safe.”

The clip was initially posted onto Reddit before being shared across various social media sites.

Two bystanders begin to pry off the assisting officer - Police News UK
Two pub-goer’s intervene in the arrest, grabbing the assisting officer after he strikes blows onto the detainee

One bar worker, known as u/L_4_2 on Reddit, commented on his recollection of the events.

They wrote: “Bar worker here and going in for another shift tonight at the local pub. Worked last night and had a couple fights kick off.

“We have security on and very luckily had the police outside just checking everything was ok before one side of the pub broke out into a fight.

The police brandish tasers at the attackers - Police News UK
The police brandishing tasers at the attackers following the initial skirmish

“Between our security and the police it lasted all of thirty seconds. Thanks for checking on us anyway and good luck to everyone for tonight’s antics.”

Another commenter, u/icantbeatyourbike, said: “Apparently the big guy had been drinking all day and was absolutely sh**-naffed, he wouldn’t leave and they wouldn’t serve him anymore.

“Cops were obviously called and he massively kicked off (no sh**).

Backup police arrive and assist in arresting attackers - Police News UK
Additional police forces arrive and assist in restraining the attackers

“At one point some guy had two tasers on him and was still kicking off.”

The video was reposted on Twitter by trainee special constable @kierantidmarsh, and has gained over 5,000 likes, 900 retweets, 670 quote tweets, and over 600 replies.

@_IanAdams wrote: “Officers going about their lawful duty and being attacked in the process!”

@michael51024571 said: “Luck that woman jumped on the policeman who steamed in on the guy being held on the floor and getting three clear punches in or that could’ve turned nasty.”

The front-facing side of The Blue Bell Inn, Wetherspoons - Police News UK
The Blue Bell Inn as captured from the roadside (C) Wetherspoons

@GavaghanMark commented: “Wow. That was poorly edited to show the police in a bad light. Woman in a white top is going to spend time at HM pleasure.”

The Bluebell Inn today declined to comment on the incident.

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