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Video shows Scots footie fans mock an unfortunate footballer’s “man bun”

SCOTTISH footie fans were filmed mocking Dumbarton F.C. defender Gregor Buchanan over his hairstyle choice by chanting “man bun, man bun”.

Greig Robertson, 20, captured the boisterous moment at Firhill Stadium in Maryhill, Glasgow, as Partick Thistle faced off against Dumbarton last week.

Defender Buchanan, 31, was filmed taking a ribbing throughout the game for his haircut which wasn’t received well by the home Partick fans.

The teasing crescendoed as the traveling side, who were down two – nil, won an indirect free-kick in Thistle’s penalty box.

The clip shows Buchanan about to take a free kick in an attempt to claw a goal back in the dying moments of the game.

The crowd can be heard relentlessly chanting “man bun, man bun” louder and louder as Dumbarton prepared to take the free kick.

Before they took the set piece the fans made lots of noise to put the pressure on before one vile fan could be heard shouting “you s*** your sister”.

The shot is then blocked by the goalkeeper and the crowd erupts into cheers as they celebrate their win.

Student Greig shared the video to Twitter last Wednesday, writing: “Dumbarton defender Gregor Buchanan getting slated for having a man bun as they have an indirect free kick against Partick Thistle. Scottish football is back.”

Gregor Buchanan prepares to take the free kick | Scottish Football News
The Partick Thistle fans mocked Buchanan’s cut for the majority of the game.

The post has now collected over 500 likes with hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from users who loved the cheeky chant.

@GVBAnalytics said: “‘You sh** your sister’ at the end made it for me.”

@Calpol1987 wrote: “There’s still life in Scottish football.”

@markcf83 commented: “Should get his haircut then…”

@parobson77 joked: “It’s a top knot ffs.”

Speaking today Greig, from Glasgow, said: “It happened at Firhill stadium in Maryhill during a Premier Sports cup match between Partick thistle and Dumbarton.

“During the 90th minute as Thistle were winning two – nil, Dumbarton got an indirect free kick inside the thistle box after a bad back pass from a defender.

“During the build up for it people began chanting man bun at the defender -throughout the whole match I might add he was getting teased for it.

“It was hilarious.

“It was amazing, it felt great to have an atmosphere again as it was good to know all the fans enjoyed getting to see their team play again and also have a good laugh with ‘Man Bun’.”

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