Scots with private water supplies to be given free water by the government


PEOPLE suffering from a reduced amount of water supplies will be offered free bottled water through the government.

Following the recent wave of hot weather, people with reduced private water supplies will be offered free bottled water through a Scottish Government support scheme.

Most of the households in Scotland will not have their water supplies affected by the hot weather as public water supplies are most commonly used.

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Photo by Samuel Sianipar on Unsplash. Public water supplies, which the vast majority of households in Scotland use, are not affected.

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport said: “Scotland has been experiencing warm, dry conditions over the last few weeks, but this has consequences for water scarcity.

“It’s likely that the drying up of private water supplies so early in the summer is a clear indication of the impacts of climate change.

“Most of us take for granted that clean drinking water is available at a turn of a tap.  However, for private water supply users this is not necessarily the case following a prolonged dry and hot spell of weather.”

The Scottish Government will continue to invest in the public network by reducing leakage and increasing efficiency which helps preserve water in the environment.

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Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash. Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport Michael Matheson has urged people across the country to continue to use water efficiently.

The government is also working separately to develop technologies that will enhance the resilience of private water supplies.

Mr Matheson added: “With climate change at the forefront of all our minds, this is a stark reminder of the need to conserve water as one of our most precious natural resources.

Whether you have been affected by the recent shortages or not, I urge all households to use water wisely and to take note of the advice issued by Scottish Water – it benefits all of us and is good for our planet.”