Campervan driver leaves social media users in stitches with hilarious license plate


A FED up campervan driver has left social media users in stitches after they were snapped with a hilarious license plate appearing to tell road users to overtake. 

Jennifer Reynolds, 46, spotted the witty plate in Gairloch, Wester Ross, whilst she was travelling the North Coast 500 last Thursday. 

Finding the unique plate hilarious, Jennifer, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, snapped an image showing the yellow number plate on the back of a large white campervan. 

The campervan with the funny license plate | Scottish News
Jennifer spotted the sign whilst she was in Gairloch, Wester Ross.                                                     (C) Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer, who owns her own food van, shared the witty plate to Facebook on Tuesday, writing: “I was behind this motorhome with the most apt registration plate… Bravo.”

In black lettering the license plate clearly reads: “PA55 FFS”. 

In a playful jibe at those behind the vehicle, the number plate appears to suggest road users to “pass for f**** sake”. 

The post has now collected over 1,400 likes with dozens of comments and shares from users who were left in stitches by the peculiar number plate. 

Andy Houliston joked: “If you pull in I will for f**** sake.”

Meg Macpherson said: “I don’t swear, but this made me smile.”

Vicky Stonebridge wrote: “To which the reply is PUL0 VRF5.”

The campervan with the funny license plate | Scottish News
The number plate read: “PA55 FFS”.                                                                                                (C) Jennifer Reynolds

Heather Carlin commented: “Love it.”

Suey Eaton replied: “Hilarious.” 

Speaking today Jennifer said: “I was on holiday, doing the NC500 with a friend last week. 

“We were stopped at traffic lights in Gairloch when I spotted it. 

“We were travelling in a motorhome also and could totally appreciate the novelty of the plate.

“I burst out laughing and pointed it out to my friend Gary.

“It started to pull away and I could barely  get my camera out quick enough to capture it.”