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Shocking video shows thugs violently smashing salon windows with a rock and mallet

SHOCKING video shows hooded thugs violently smashing a hairdressers windows with a rock and a mallet – two months after opening. 

Beth Gutheil, owner of Luna Grace Hair, in Southchurch, Essex, was shocked to discover the yobs had smashed the window on her shopfront on Saturday night. 

CCTV footage shows the group of four males with their faces covered and hoods kicking and smashing Beth’s shop window. 

The thugs, who Beth believes to be aged between 16-19-years-old, can be seen approaching the salon from the right-hand-side of the pavement. 

They then look up and down at the shop, which officially opened their doors in June, before briefly checking their phones and then beginning the attack. 

One of them initiates the incident by hurtling a stone at the window before him and another of the yobs focus on kicking the windows to the right-hand-side of the store. 

Another of the suspects, wearing a t-shirt, then proceeds to lash the window repeatedly with a sizable mallet before the group scamper off down the street. 

In an appeal to find the culprits, Beth shared the footage to Facebook on Monday, writing: “Appealing for names.

“Please share the life out of this.

“We are seeking the community’s support in naming the individuals responsible for Saturday’s cowardly and violent act of vandalism.

“This happened in Southchurch Road, Southend.

“They ran down Surbiton Road & Glenmore Street into a car that was parked on Surbiton Rd/ Glenmore Street junction.

“Please note the time is approximately 30 minutes fast, so the attack took place around 10:30pm on the 21st August 2021.

“Make note of their clothing. In particular the main offender wielding the hammer, who is wearing bright orange Nike Air Max 270 trainers.

“It looks like it was filmed so keep an eye out on social media for them posting it.

Thug throws stone at salon window | Crime News UK
The attack took places just months after Beth had opened her new stores doors.

“The culprits are suspected to be between 16-19 years old who most likely have attended and recently left local schools in the area.

“If you wish to remain anonymous please direct message us or contact Southend Police quoting reference number 42/175695/21.

“Thank you so much. Let’s keep our community safe, by putting a stop to mindless, senseless violence and vandalism.” 

The post has now collected hundreds of shares with users left shocked by the footage. 

Shelley Wilsher said: “This is disgusting, horrible little s**** that should be locked up if found.

“So sorry to read this has happened to your new business. Hope these scumbags get caught.”

Alex Linsell said: “Scum! Awful to see this, I hope they get caught.”

Dilay Moore said: “So what have they gained out of this? Friggin bell****.

“Honestly makes my blood boil!

Candice Podevin-Balli replied: “I hope the little t**ts get caught!

“I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this.” 

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