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Trans Scot fundraising for full gender reassignment surgery in Thailand as surgery is not available on NHS

A TRANSGENDER influencer is fundraising for full gender reassignment surgery in Thailand due to the surgery not being available on the NHS at the moment.

Charlie Allan, from Glasgow, has been inundated with donations after launching the GoFundMe page for his “bottom surgery fund” on Tuesday.

The operation is no longer available with the NHS after a past provider of the female to male surgery ceased delivering the service under the current contract.

The 23-year-old had already raised £6,000 to get breast removal surgery in 2019 through an online fundraiser.

And he had a beard transplant in March 2020 where doctors took hair from the back of his head and transplanted it onto his face so he could grow facial hair.

Charlie, who has over 423,000 followers on TikTok, now says he is ready for full gender reassignment surgery to complete his transition journey.

The Scottish Government have revealed that a search for a new provider is well under way.

Charlie has now taken to his TikTok page with his girlfriend Lauren Faulds to ask followers to donate for the surgery.

In a video explaining his current situation to TikTok on Tuesday captioned: “You’ll never know unless you try #transgender #ftm #pride #bottomsurgery #gofundme.” 

He said: “Hello my name is Charlie and this is me four years ago today struggling with myself.”

The clip then shows a past clip of Charlie crying while presenting as female. 

Charlie Allan | Scottish Health News
The surgery is now unavailable in the UK after a past provider ceased to operate under the current contract.

He continues: “I am a transgender man I already had top surgery I had to get two due to complications 

“I’ve been on hormones for three years from skinny and bald to built and tattooed.

“I’ve had highs and lows but I’m finally at the last chapter of my transition.

“That’s right I really want a seven inch coochie slaying sword but there’s just one tiny problem.

“The only doctor that does it on the NHS has resigned so the only way to get a tadger that isn’t silicone is to pay for it privately.

“And it’s pretty expensive so my plan is to fly to Thailand hopefully with your help. 

“I’ve got 400,000 of you sexy wee h**s and if just 10% of you sent me £1 I could have a willy. 

“And obviously anyone who donates gets free nudes.

“I’d also take everybody on the journey with me, it’s a really big total and any brand deals will go towards it.

“I’ll put the link in my bio so if you want to fling me a pound for a designer cock I’ll love you forever.”

The Scot later added a correction stating that the surgery is not unavailable on the NHS due to the surgeon retiring but instead due to contracts running out.

The clip has had over 140,000 views and 24,000 likes from viewers.

Hundreds of comments were left from well-wishers who support the trans influencer.

@Chelle_1509 said: “I was first to donate, not much but let me know which part belongs to me” followed by a winky face.

@Abiwormald said: “Ahh so excited for you. More than happy to help you get your willy.”

@Mrlo01 exclaimed: “Donated to help you get the master sword, thank you for sharing your story.”

Charlie Allan pre transition | Scottish Health News
Charlie has been inundated with generous donations since starting his GoFundMe.

While @alphie2901 added: “I have followed your journey since the start, I hope this helps.”

The surgery would take place in three stages, each time Charlie will have to stay in Thailand for eight weeks and each stage requires a six month gap in-between.

Since launching his crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday he has raised £3,270 just 10% of his final goal.

Speaking today a spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “Gender reassignment surgery is a specialised field primarily carried out under a four nations contract managed by NHS England.

“A past provider of female to male genital surgery is no longer delivering that service under the contract, and the process to secure a new provider is well underway.”

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