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Skin-crawling image shows coffee swarmed by hundreds of blood-thirsty midges

THIS skin-crawling image shows the moment a Scots wild swimmer’s cup of coffee was swarmed by hundreds of blood-thirsty midges. 

Kate Anderson snapped the horrifying image after stopping for a swim by Stac Pollaidh in the Summer Isles, Ross and Cromarty, on Saturday. 

Clouds of the ravenous beasties attempted to swarm wild swimmer Kate, from Aberdeenshire, but instead ended up taking a plunge into her hot cup of coffee. 

Midges in coffee | Scottish Midge News
Luckily Kate spotted the beasties in her coffee before taking a sip.                                                         (C) Kate Anderson

Luckily Kate managed to spot the abundance of hair-raising critters floating on the surface of her post swim coffee before taking a large gulp. 

The disgusting image shows hundreds of small black midges scattered over the inside of Kate’s black mug. 

Clumps of the ravenous blood suckers have met their demise in the murky light brown coffee which has been sat on the ground outside. 

Kate shared the post to Facebook on Saturday, writing: “The midges enjoyed our coffee today up at the Summer Isles.”

The post has now collected over 3,000 likes with over 300 comments and 200 shares from users who joked in their responses. 

Annette Rae said: “Just spit out the hard bits lol.”

Susan Raithel wrote: “Midges? I thought it was chia seeds to start with.”

Susie McLaren asked: “Have you invented a midge trap?”

Simone Trombone added: “Protein sprinkles.”

Shirley Crosbie replied: “Use a straw and sook from the bottom.”

Lissà Ana Brown also said: “Midges full of caffeine. What could possibly go wrong?” 

Midge coffee comments | Scottish midge News
Social media users joked in their responses.                                                                                          (C) Facebook

Speaking today Kate said: “I was away wild swimming outside Stac Pollaidh in the summer isles. 

“When we made our coffee to warm us up we literally turned our heads for two minutes and went to pick the cups up to have a drink and the midge had beat us to it. 

“A good repellent for tourists to use in future maybe.

“They were terrible. It was around 7am and they were  not bad when we first turned up but once we were put it was like a cloud of them. 

“We thought the heat of the camp stove would get rid of them. But no, just my awful coffee making skills. 

“We then did have to dive up to the car in our wetsuits and just get changed up at the car to stop being eaten. 

“I’ve had worse up at Sandwood Bay in the past but never had any drown in my coffee.” 

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