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Top StoriesLidl customer shocked to find whole grasshopper skin in punnet of grapes

Lidl customer shocked to find whole grasshopper skin in punnet of grapes

A LIDL shopper was shocked to find the shedding of a grasshopper in amongst her punnet of grapes.

Sharon Brown said she was disgusted after discovering the clear grasshopper skin in her cotton candy grapes on Tuesday.

The 48-year-old had bought the fruit from her local Lidl store in Morecambe, Lancashire but didn’t expect to find the insect skin included.

The punnet of grapes were Spanish in origin - UK and World News
The grapes were bought in Morecambe but produced in Spain.                                                           Credit: Sharon Brown

It was only when the family settled down to eat the grapes that Sharon’s eldest daughter, Rachel, spotted the horrifying addition. 

Images show the grasshopper’s recognisable shape including its wings and antennae.

Sharon shared her discovery on Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “Got this extra in a packet of cotton candy grapes.

“Any ideas what it is? Love Lidl btw I live right next door to the store and never had an issue and I know this isn’t obviously their fault, I was just wondering what it is.

The image was shared on Facebook - UK and World News
Sharon shared the disgusting news on a Facebook group.                                                                  Credit: Sharon Brown

She later added: “I genuinely found this in the packet. I didn’t not place it there for attention or to try and put Lidl in a bad light, as it has been mentioned that’s what someone thinks I have done.

“I believe it is a grasshopper. I won’t be reporting it to Lidl, these things happen.”

More than 100 social media users commented on the post.

Henrietta Johnson said: “Yuck. Trading standards and public health would be my first calls.”

Bruna Gutierrez wrote: “Jiminy Cricket.”

Trevor Rogers said: “Sometime quite soon I expect you will find out – when whatever it is that shed its skin reappears…”

And Rhiannon Lockwood added: “No way that’s gross.”

Speaking today the former police constable Sharon said: “It was in my eldest daughter’s pack; she had taken some grapes out to wash.

“She said ‘What the hell is that, Mum? 

“I looked at it and I was disgusted. 

“Needless to say, my other two won’t touch their grapes now.” 

Sharon said: “I thought it was a dead bug but then I Googled what it could be and realised it was the shredded skin.

“I got to thinking where the bloody living animal could be and even emptied my fridge to check it was not in there.”

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