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EntertainmentAdorable images show man with Down's Syndrome making twin breakfast

Adorable images show man with Down’s Syndrome making twin breakfast

HEARTWARMING images show a man with Down’s Syndrome concentrating as his isolating twin sister talks him through how she wants her breakfast over the phone.

Rebecca McEwan took screenshots of her FaceTime call with brother Matthew, aged 23, as he prepared food for her while she isolated in her bedroom with Covid on Sunday.

Rebecca, a child development officer, had been relying on her dad to make her food but he had left their home in Renfrew early, leaving Matthew to step in.

Michael McEwan carefully making his sister's cereal
Michael cautiously tipped the Cheerios in first.                                                                                   (C) Rebecca McEwan

 Rebecca video-called Matthew from her room and talked him through what she wanted for her breakfast.

Images show Matthew concentrating as he pours Cheerios into a bowl while Rebecca smiles as she watches him. 
Another image shows Matthew wide-eyed as he focuses on not spilling a drop of milk while pouring it onto the cereal. 
A final screenshot shows Matthew fully focused as he makes her a drink of orange juice to go along with the cereal. 
Rebecca tweeted the screenshots on Sunday with the caption: “Hahaha I’m isolating in my room with Covid and Matthew’s the only one in the house so I had to FaceTime him to get my breakfast and go through it step by step. 

“Look at his concentration face”.
The tweet now has over 164,000 likes, with over 300 people showing their adoration for Matthew. 

Michael McEwan carefully pouring in the milk
He was equally careful pouring in the milk.                                                                                        (C) Rebecca McEwan

@rattymonk said: “Well done Matthew, hope you weren’t too good or the job will be yours permanently.”
@mariahxmoose wrote: “Not to be dramatic but I would die for Matthew.”
@chrisp1279 commented: “Loving the concentration on his face and your smile being proud of him. 
“I hope you spoil him when you’re out of corona jail”.
Speaking today, Rebecca said: “I found out I had Covid on Thursday so I have been isolating in my room so I don’t pass it on to anyone. 

“My dad tested negative so he was allowed to leave the house and was at the shops and he forgot to get me my breakfast before he left. 
“I was hungry so I had to FaceTime Matthew to get me my breakfast as I didn’t want to leave my room. 

Michael McEwan making his twin sister's orange juice
Finally, at Rebecca’s instruction, Michael made her some orange juice.                                                 (C) Rebecca McEwan

“He knew where everything was and could do it all by himself, he’s very capable. 
“I was just there to make sure he never spilled anything as my dad’s a clean freak. 
“He did an amazing job and carried it all up to outside my room door and when I said thank you he said ‘anything for my twin’. 
“I was so proud of him. 

“I think sometimes my mum and dad do things for him even though he’s very capable so it was nice to see him be independent.

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