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Bizarre video shows man and woman in “dance off” amidst argument in McDonald’s

A BIZARRE video shows a man and woman commence in a “dance off” amidst an argument in a Scots McDonald’s

Tiree Reid snapped the footage in Glasgow on Boxing Day where the two faced off in a heated argument and in moments strangely delved into a dance contest.

The baffling footage shows the pair standing in the middle of a circle which has emerged in the dozens of intrigued customers who are watching on intensely. 

The crowd cheer on as the man, dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, shuffles around the women taking his turn to show off his moves. 

In a prompt reply the woman, known only as Amanda, kicks her foot as high as she can like a cheerleader, making the crowd shout with excitement. 

The man replies by attempting what is commonly known as “The Funky Chicken”, grabbing his ankle with one hand and jolting his torso whilst holding his head with the other. 

Amanda responds with a more aggressive rendition of the dance move before the dance off quickly descends into an argument. 

The pair can be heard shouting at each other whilst the woman repeats: “Your pal is a beast!”

Another video shows the rowdy pair being escorted out of McDonalds by the police, with Student Tiree telling that the two were locked up in the back of a police van. 

Tiree shared the video to TikTok yesterday, writing: “McDonald’s dance offs with Amanda.”

The video has now collected over 2.8 million views with more than 400,000 likes and 37,000 comments from users who joked in their responses. 

@Ashleyhamilton3687 said : “That went from a dance battle to pure embarrassing real fast.”

The pair arguing intensely
A crowd of McDonald’s customers cheered on as the pair danced and argued.

Aidan Smith wrote: “I think his pal could quite possibly be a beast? Correct me if I’m mistaken.”

@Kenzie commented: “Maccies workers actually don’t get paid enough.”

@Miss ? replied: “I would have cried with laughter.”

@michaelsimpsonpriv added: “The people make Glasgow.” 

Speaking today, Tiree, from Largs, North Ayrshire said: “Amanda had a run in with a man who I believe was looking for her boyfriend but Amanda said she didn’t know where he was.

““It looked as if they knew each other. 

“It started out as an argument but sort of turned into a dance off, it ended in both of them being taken away by police and put into the police van.

“I was just collecting my McDonalds and this happened, I was pretty shocked but amused too to be honest.

“We were all taken back by what was actually happening but at the same time were having a joke about it.”

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