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Shrek fan gets Spotify scanning code for opening song of 2001 film tattooed on arm

A SHREK fan got a tattoo of the Spotify scanning code for the movie’s opening scene song, All Star by Smash Mouth.

Eyelash technician Tymarah Emily spontaneously decided to get the unique ink on her left tricep while visiting her friend’s tattoo studio on Friday. 

Video shows the unique piece being designed by Tina-Marie Lewis at Tattoo’s by Tina tattoo shop in Tonbridge, Kent. 

Tymarah, 23, is shown having the stencil traced on to her arm to make sure the code works before committing to the permanent inking.

The clip then jumps to Tina carefully tattooing the code to the 1999 pop rock song that was known for featuring in 2001 DreamWorks film Shrek. 

The tattoo is finally revealed on the back of Tymarah’s left arm, just above her left elbow.

Tina, from Greenhithe, Kent, then pulls up the Spotify code scanner on her phone and angles the camera to check that it works.

All Star then starts playing after recognising the individual code linked up to the tune.

Tymarah shared the video on TikTok on Saturday, writing: “When you definitely just made the best decision of your life… 

“Tell me I’m wrong? #Shrek.”

The post has now collected over five million views and more than 300,000 likes.

Thousands of viewers commented on the clip after being shocked at the extent the die-hard Shrek fan went to.

@SanelaTomlinson said: “Let’s hope Spotify’s servers are still up and running 40 years down the line.”

@EnchantedApril wrote: “Imagine you’re 85 in the morgue and they check what this is.”

The Spotify Code tattoo
Tymarah got the piece done spontaneously after having another tattoo done on her arm. (C) ItsTymarah

@Aria commented: “Imagine if Spotify does an update and it doesn’t work anymore.”

@kick_5 added: “The fact that this artist was this precise and the app recognised it. 

“Absolutely amazing, props to them, it’s an amazing idea.”

Speaking today, Tymarah said: “One of my friends is a tattoo artist and she has her own shop.

“She does some unreal tattoos, some amazing bits of art on me and all her other work too. 

“We were doing a new arm tattoo with me and I have this ongoing joke with my friends that I’d do it and to be fair I do really like Shrek.

“I love the song All Star by Smash Mouth and we thought it would be funny and really cool to get the Spotify logo and the song code.

“We had joked about it before and then I was having my forearm done and after I was like ‘shall we do it?’ 

“So we printed it out, stenciled it and then made sure it worked with the stencil on my arm.

“It would have been even more funny if I had the tattoo then it didn’t work!” 

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