Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Driver manages to stop car rolling into customer’s house by jumping in front of it

A HEART-STOPPING video shows a Hermes driver running to his car and managing to stop it from rolling into a customer’s house after not putting the handbrake on.

Jim Gray only realised he hadn’t pulled his handbrake up properly when his car started rolling towards a customer’s house in North Lincolnshire last week. 

Video shows the 34-year-old courier knocking on a customer’s front door whilst waiting for them to come to the door and receive their parcel

As he waits the blue Hyundai begins to roll towards him and the building in the background.

Miraculously he manages to spot the moving vehicle and races to wedge himself in between the house and the car, preventing any damage being done. 

Jim then manages to push his car back up the steep driveway before running around to the driver’s door, flinging it open and pulling the handbrake to secure the car. 

Jim’s partner, Lyndsey Jopling, shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce my partner caught on his customer’s ring doorbell, watch till end.” 

The video has now collected over 12,300 views and hundreds of likes. 

@Laura said: “Been there, done it and got the T-shirt. Good recovery.”

Hermes driving running to turn handbrake on
Jim was able to push the car back up the hill before jumping in and securing the handbrake.

@Shaun said: “Nice save.” 

Speaking today, Jim said: “I put my handbrake on but didn’t click it all the way up obviously and knocked on the door.

“Not sure if I saw it out of the corner of my eye or in the reflection of the door but I ran straight away and luckily managed to slow it down just in time. 

“I actually wedged one of my legs between the car and the wall just as it came to a stop. 

“I luckily escaped with just a scratch. I just felt lucky to have gotten away with it and avoided the bill from any damage it would have caused to my car and the house.” 

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