Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Hermes customer fuming after driver empties plant over doorstep to hide parcel inside pot?

A HERMES customer was left fuming after a delivery driver emptied a plant all over her doorstep in an attempt to hide her parcel in the pot. 

Siobhan Redfern was shocked to discover the spilled soil right outside her front door in Maidstone, Kent, on Wednesday. 

Images show soil and roots plastered all over the 24-year-old’s front path and mixed in with her newly-laid white gravel to the right of the walkway. 

The parcel placed inside the plant pot
Despite the driver’s bizarre efforts the parcel was still easily visible. (C) Siobhan Redfern

The dark brown soil was completely emptied from the pot and Siobhan’s grey parcel is shown placed inside. 

The driver then decided to put the base of the plant pot on top of the item in a last ditch effort to conceal the parcel.

Mental health support worker Siobhan shared images of the bizarre delivery on Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “Thank you @Hermesparcels for tipping out my plants all over my new gravel, just to make room for a parcel that could have gone somewhere else! 

“After a 13 hour shift in a hospital, that’s exactly what I wanted to get home to! 

“I spent ages making my house look nice, I am so upset!”

Social media users were quick to sympathise with Siobhan.

@ItsLaurensify said: “That’s awful.” 

@Dawn05232065 said: “They’re appalling.”

@omarsupertweet said: “I’m sorry to see this happened to you. 

“In my experience, Hermes are useless and awful. Customer services and their delivery employees care not a jot about you or your items, they only care about getting paid. 

The soil all over Siobhan's path
The driver poured the soil all over Siobhan’s path. (C) Siobhan Redfern

“Awful, awful company.”

@HexInvestor2021 said: “At least you got your parcel and at least you got a reply! 

“My little boy would be still waiting for one of his Christmas presents and birthday presents if I didn’t go out and buy it in person!” 

This is not the first time Hermes drivers have come under scrutiny, in October last year a courier was snapped launching parcels without care into the back of his van. 

In November another driver was reported to have been spotted “marking items as delivered then dumping them in woods”. 

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