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Scots family who fell ill at airport on way home from Spain ‘left with £3,300 hospital bill’

A SCOTS family claim they have been left with a £3,300 bill after catching gastroenteritis on the last day of their holiday in Spain.

Angel Kirkland and her family were on their way to the airport in Tenerife to fly back home on Friday when she started to feel unwell.

The family from Gorebridge, Edinburgh had already enjoyed a five day break together when the end of the trip took a turn for the worse.

Ryan Smith with his daughter Sierra
Ryan and his daughter Sierra during the holiday in Tenerife. Credit: Angel Kirkland

After checking in, Angel, 24, and her partner Ryan Smith were taken to a medical room and put on drips after both falling ill.

They then missed their flights after being taken to a nearby private hospital and asked to pay €200 to see a doctor after being diagnosed with gastroenteritis.

Tanning salon manager Angel refused, stating that she had insurance, so the family, including six-month-old daughter Sierra, were transferred to another hospital.

The couple claim that the hospital put little Sierra in ill-fitting nappies, leaving the little one covered in faeces.

Angel with her daughter Sierra while in hospital
Angel in her hospital bed with her baby daughter. Credit: Angel Kirkland

After hold ups with their insurance through the Post Office, they claim they were told by the hospital yesterday that they had to pay up or leave.

The couple claim to have been left with a £3,300 hospital bill after the insurers refused to pay out as they don’t understand why the family were kept in so long.

Speaking today, Angel said: “She had nappies which were too big for her so pooed all over herself.

“Every time we asked for milk they rolled their eyes at us.

“We had been told from Sunday ‘you will be discharged today’ but had to wait on insurance sending a guarantee of payment so we could leave.

“After 18 phone calls with insurance to help us out and send the guarantee, I asked on the last phone call for them to send it whilst on the call with us.

“The lady on the phone said she was sending in right now, they then said they would not pay out until they have spoken with the doctor as they ‘don’t understand why we have been kept in so long’.

“It’s between the hospital and insurance. We were not even allowed to leave the room to go for a walk with our baby.

“On Tuesday morning we asked the doctor to come in along with an interpreter.

“Again, we’re told they couldn’t get in touch with insurance and their exact words were ‘you pay or leave’ and slammed the door in our face.

“We are getting a flight home to Edinburgh today. The hospital and the insurance have been an absolute disgrace the way they have treated us especially with a small child.

“Post Office replied back to the tweet asking us to get in contact, and they still haven’t been in contact. We felt like prisoners with a baby.”

Angel also tweeted about her trip turning into a holiday from hell yesterday, writing: “On Friday 25 February my family and I were supposed to travel home from Tenerife but I took ill in the airport.

“We were admitted to hospital with gastroenteritis and by Saturday morning after being on a drip all night we felt a lot better.

“It’s now Tuesday 2nd March, we are still in here with our six-month-old baby girl who has had the same clothes on for five days now.

“Same bibs, nappies are too big and we have no baby wipes left after asking numerous times.

“The hospital has got everything wrong from our meals to feeding us false information.

“Every time we asked for a doctor or a nurse there were rolls of the eyes and also rolls of the eyes when asking for baby milk.

“Clearly mocking us in Spanish as can tell by their mannerisms.

“Our insurance, which is with the post office, is now refusing to pay out as they don’t understand why the doctor has kept us here for this long (which is not our fault) we are not even allowed to leave the room.

“This isn’t about us, it is more for our baby girl as this is a violation of human rights.

“We have been told since Saturday 26th that ‘you will get out today’, then, the hospital bill was €4,000 which we cannot afford to pay so god knows what it is at now.

“We have been the ones having to escalate everything. We are absolutely disgusted by the hospital in Tenerife and also the Post Office. We feel like prisoners with a baby.”

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