Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsLatest phase of Glasgow’s full fibre rollout gets underway 

Latest phase of Glasgow’s full fibre rollout gets underway 

The north east of Glasgow could soon see its connectivity booming as work begins on the latest stage of the city’s full fibre network. 

Bishoppbrigs is the latest hotspot for the £270m project, with work having been underway south of the river for over a year, while work in the north west started last summer. 

Delivered by GCU UK on behalf of CityFibre, Glasgow is the latter’s most ambitious task in terms of scale when delivering full fibre deployment to a UK city. 

David Cannon is CityFibre’s City Manager for Glasgow.

Some Scots are already wired up to the new network, with those in places such as Renfrew and Paisley being some of the first in the West to see the fruits of the labour. 

CityFibre say that each area takes a few weeks to complete, but workers should only be outside your home for two to three days, and that homeowners will always be contacted by post prior to any work commencing. 

Once completed, residents will be informed that they are ready to connect, giving them the option to connect to full-fibre enabled services. 

This means that, unlike the copper-based fibre broadband many people currently use, data is carried rapidly from the point of connection straight into the home, at what CityFibre describe as “lightning speed”.

The UK’s largest independent full fibre infrastructure platform, CityFibre currently have £4bn programme underway around the country. 

They hope to serve their network up to a third of the population by 2025, which means 8m homes and 800,000 businesses. 

David Cannon, CityFibre’s City Manager for Glasgow, said: “Our full fibre rollout across much of the Glasgow city region is a massively ambitious project and we are excited to get to work on the next stage of construction of our state-of-the-art network.

“With services live in a number of areas of the city, residents across Glasgow are already feeling the benefits of having access to the fastest, most reliable broadband available, and I am keen to be able to bring these benefits to more communities.”

GCU are company offering turnkey civil and telecommunications solutions and have completed projects in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Cannon continued: “We have worked with GCU in other cities across Scotland and I am confident they will deliver the build with as little disruption as possible. I want to thank the local community for their patience as we work to future-proof Glasgow’s digital infrastructure.”

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