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NewsRangers fans fawning over club's 150 year anniversary 'minted' boxers

Rangers fans fawning over club’s 150 year anniversary ‘minted’ boxers

RANGERS fans are fawning over the club’s release of their 150 year anniversary ‘minted’ pants.

To celebrate Rangers FC’s milestone anniversary this month, the club shop has released limited edition packs of boxers.

The £30 product comes in packs of three and offer different Rangers-themed design on each pair.

One blue pair features orange and blue pinstripes and Rangers across the elasticated waistband alongside an anniversary badge.

One of the boxers was pinstriped
One of the boxers was pinstriped. (C). Rangers

Another plain navy pair features the club’s crest on the waistband.

The third design features dozens of different sized club crests in light blue across the item with a Rangers badge embroidered on the leg.

The pricey pants appear to come at quite the premium when compared with other boxers, such as a three pack of Calvin Klein’s which usually cost up to £28.

However, Rangers fans don’t seem to be fazed by the price tag and are hoping that they will go down a treat with their partner.

One Rangers fan posted a photo of the boxer briefs to Twitter making bold claims about the anniversary products ‘ability’.

They wrote: “£30 to be guaranteed your hole anytime you wear them.

“I would say it’s worth it.”

Another pair has a rangers crest pattern
Another pair has a rangers crest pattern. (C). Rangers

The post has received over 400 likes and dozens of comments from mainly fans of the boxers.

@jamiemcmathx said: “I just ordered 10 pairs.

“Rangers birds reveal yourselves.”

@steveehampson said: “If they guarantee my hole anytime I wear them I’ll buy a pack of two, my man.


@jordanjonesxo said: “If my boyfriend doesn’t wear them I don’t want him.”

@onlyjcuthbert said: “They are actually quite nice.”

@telavivrangers said: “Are there ladies versions?”

“Asking for a friend.”

Rangers celebrated their 150 year anniversary with their first home game against Aberdeen earlier this month.

The fans wore different coloured bibs to make a full stadium display for the entirety of the match.

The club also released a 150 year anniversary kit based on the club’s original kit.

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