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Amateur photographer captures epic images of dolphins frolicking around in River Tyne

AN AMATEUR photographer has captured epic images of dolphins frolicking around together in the mouth of the River Tyne.

Tracey Fisher couldn’t believe her luck after managing to capture the playful mammals in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear on Sunday.

The 41-year-old from Newcastle sat on the beach and watched the pod swimming around together in sync and breaching through the waves.

Dolphins in Tynemouth
The dolphins frolicked in the mouth of the Tyne. Credit: Tracey Fisher

One incredible image shows two bottlenose dolphins leaping out of the water together in unison.

Another shows the pod next to the vessel ‘Lily James’ as one dolphin stands upright next to the other two.

A third image shows two dolphins swimming through the waves together, side by side.

Tracey shared her spectacular images on social media yesterday, writing: “Amazing afternoon spent at Tynemouth.

“So many dolphins including runny paint, calves and juveniles surfing the waves.”

Dolphins next to a fishing boat
The dolphins gathered near to the fishing boat ‘Lily James’. Credit: Tracey Fisher

Her post received over 600 likes and dozens of comments from impressed social media users.

Carolyn Cobden said: “These photos are spectacular. The dolphins clearly are showing off.”

Moira Redhead said: “Brilliant, looks like you had a great time.”

Victoria McFadden Connell said: “Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.”

Sue Axton said: “How absolutely magnificent, thank you for sharing.”

And Patrick Rooney said: “Superb photos, Tracey.”

Speaking today, Tracey said: “It was on my camera, nothing flash and no huge lens so I think I just got very lucky.

“I was absolutely ecstatic with what I photographed and was so happy to have captured it.

“I have seen them now on a few occasions on our coast line but first time I finally got some great captures.”

Dolphins travel in pods and eat four per cent of their body weight in food per day.

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