Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Website launched in aims of helping Scottish public’s mental wellbeing

A NEW website has launched to help the Scottish public to look after their mental wellbeing.

Mind to Mind, hosted on NHS Inform, features over 30 videos of people talking about their own mental wellbeing challenges in a bid to help others who may be going through the same.

Covering topics including dealing with anxiety and panic, handling stress, improving sleep, lifting mood and moving through grief, each contributor shares practical advice on what has worked for them.

The website also features commentary from a range of professionals and signposts where people can access further help and support.

Jean Saddler, 65, who has long suffered from anxiety.
Jean Saddler is backing the campaign, and says being open “might just help someone else going through it.”

A campaign featuring a new advert will appear across digital and radio from today to promote the help available. 

The campaign is being backed by Jean Saddler, 65, from Edinburgh, who is featured on the website talking about her long-standing experience of dealing with anxiety.

Jean said: “Looking back, my anxiety had a huge impact on my life. It was paralysing at times.

“But now when it creeps up, I recognise the signs and am more proactive in managing it.

“I was keen to get involved in Mind to Mind as I think everyone experiences challenges with their mental wellbeing at some point in their life.

“There can be a reluctance to talk about it, so being open is important as it might just help someone else going through it.”

Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care Kevin Stewart said: “Mind to Mind has been created by people who have experienced mental wellbeing challenges for people who may be going through the same thing.

“If you’re finding things difficult, it’s important to remember support is available.

“Hearing about the experiences of others can help to navigate life’s daily stresses, and alongside practical advice, the website signposts where people can access further help.

“We’re hugely grateful to everyone who has contributed their advice on what has worked for them.

“Being so open about the challenges they’ve faced will hopefully help many others look after and improve their own mental wellbeing.”

Stephanie Phillips, Director of Service Delivery at NHS 24, said: “Mind to Mind and the video stories that have been so generously shared with us are a valuable addition to our online mental health resources at NHS Inform. 

“If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or low, or having problems sleeping or dealing with grief this site can help you by hearing from others.

“You can also explore a range of guides, podcasts and organisations that can help.

“We are committed to offering a range of services to support people in the ways they find best for them when mental wellbeing challenges come along, as they do for everyone.

“Your GP, our phone lines and the emergency services are available for anyone that needs urgent help.”

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