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Tesco customer sickened after ‘finding whole frozen mouse in bag of sweetcorn’

A TESCO customer was left sickened after claiming he found a whole frozen mouse in the bottom of his bag of sweetcorn.

David Bull couldn’t believe his eyes when he emptied the last of the 907g bag of Grower’s Harvest Sweetcorn into a bowl and found the rodent had been inside.

The 43-year-old from Chelmsford, Essex, heard a thud as the fully-formed rodent fell from the bag when he was preparing dinner.

The frozen mouse was at the bottom of the bag of sweetcorn
The mouse was frozen at the bottom of the bag of sweetcorn. Credit: David Bull

He claims he and his partner, Pam, 42, had been eating from the bag for weeks beforehand.

The sales manager went back to his local Tesco at the end of April where he was refunded 77p for the bag of sweetcorn.

He claims he was told at the store that they would fully investigate how the baby mouse ended up in the bag of veg.

However, six weeks later, he has been left fuming after not hearing back from the retailer.

David's receipt from his shop
David was refunded 77p for the mouse infested sweetcorn. Credit: David Bull

Speaking today, David said: “I was preparing dinner in my kitchen and began to pour out the sweetcorn.

“I heard a thud and looked down. As you can imagine it was a bit of a shock, it was made much worse because it was at the bottom of the bag.

“I left the kitchen and had to go and get my partner to come and look.

“[My partner] Pam just said ‘Oh my god, we’ve been eating that sweetcorn’.

“I wanted to know what the protocol was for returning, so when I went to the store, the person was shocked and went to go and get the store manager.

“The manager explained that it would be sent away and I would hear back.

“However, it’s been over two months now and I have heard nothing.

“I wasn’t offered a voucher nor did they recall the product from their freezers.

“I thought at a minimum they might have done a recall of the product just in case.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We were very sorry to hear this and have been in touch with the customer to apologise. 

“Issues like this are exceptionally rare and we’re working with our supplier to further reduce the risk of this happening again.”

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