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Shocking video shows moment postie smokes on the job while swearing at polite request

A SHOCKING VIDEO shows the moment a postman heads up a path to deliver post to a homeowner – whilst smoking a cigarette.

The postman was out completing their round on Monday when they arrived at the home of Arun Gray in Louth, Lincolnshire.

The 32-year-old physiotherapist captured the postman’s extreme reaction to his polite note which he had left requesting for his parcel to be dropped at the side of his door.

The clip begins with the postman standing on the path of Arun’s home on a private road and seeing the notice.

The postman dressed in a baseball cap with a black hoodie, cargo shorts and trainers begins chatting with a colleague off-screen who may be sat in the Royal Mail van on the drive.

He says: “They’ve put a f***ing note on saying can you leave this down there, no chance.”

The postman then shakes his head as he pulls a red missed delivery slip from his pocket seemingly to write Arun a notice to collect his parcel from his local depot.

A shocked Arun shared the video to Twitter earlier this week writing: “As professional as ever @Royalmail.

“Sorry to inconvenience your staff with the ‘f***ing note.’

“If he could sweep up the fag ash he’s dropped all over my path that would be great too @RoyalMailHelp.”

Speaking today private physiotherapist Arun said: “I had ordered several whiteboards for work and missed the delivery.

“I thought I would be helpful and leave a note on the door asking the postman to leave them around the side of the house, to save him having to return them to the delivery office and save me missing the delivery.

“He obviously saw the note and for some reason decided to swear across the street to his colleague about the fact I’d left a note on the door.

“It’s a family neighbourhood so I didn’t think it was appropriate, especially considering it was a polite request to save everyone time and work.

“I had no problem with it being returned, I understand if they can’t leave it as requested but I don’t think it warranted that response.”

Speaking today a spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “The local delivery office will be informed of this video and the customer’s complaint.

“We expect the highest standards of behaviour from our people at all times.”

Royal Mail delivers over one billion parcels each year across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom according to recent statistics.

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