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EntertainmentArtist wows Ginger Spice with incredible arty tribute to singer

Artist wows Ginger Spice with incredible arty tribute to singer

A STUNNING video shows the moment an artist wows Geri Halliwell with his artistic tribute to the Spice Girls singer with a collage of pictures of the pop star throughout her career.

Nathan Wyburn is a renowned artist who is most known for creating celebrity portraits using culinary items.

The Welshman has also given his work to the likes of King Charles III, Dame Shirley Bassey and The Jacksons.

The 34-year-old visited a book signing from Geri Halliwell, also known as ‘Ginger Spice’ for her book launch ‘Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen‘.

Halliwell was at Waterstones Piccadilly, London over the weekend at a book signing for fans of her new novel.

Wyburn then brought along his customised artwork of the pop star as a gift at the signing for Ginger Spice to take home.

The video begins with the singer gasping in amazement when Wyburn showcases his tattoo of her on his left arm.

He then begins to show her a piece of artwork in dedication to her, she says: “Oh my God. Oh, I, okay, oh my God.”

Halliwell is left visibly stunned by the incredible pieces of work shown to her and immediately holds her hand to her face.

The singer agrees to sign this for the artist as she says: “Of course.”

Wyburn then reveals another print behind this of her character Rosie Frost from her novel which has been created entirely using pictures of Halliwell throughout her career.

She then says: “It was – she text me this morning. What’s your name?”

He replies: “Nathan.”

She adds: “You’re so talented. This is incredible, (gasps), oh my.”

Nathan then explains how the picture uses photos of every part of her life and career that creates Rosie’s character.

In awe she asks her team to take a picture of the artwork, saying: “That is amazing, this is unbelievable, get his tags when we do it.”

The singer then proudly explains to her entourage what the artwork is about whilst the two pose for a photo together holding the print.

She says: “He says it’s every part of me that’s made Rosie’s character – that’s incredible.

“Oh my God, you’re so talented, thank you so much.”

The artist then rolls the print back up for Halliwell to securely take home whilst the duo continue their chat.

Someone then asks Ginger Spice: “Is it for you?”

She replies: “Yeah, I’m gonna frame it, can we get a frame? That’s so kind.”

Wyburn then asks if she’ll sign his other portrait of her for him to keep.

She once again repeats: “That is incredible, you’re so talented” she then hands him a singed copy of the book.

Geri Halliwell (L) & Nathan Wyburn (R)
Geri Halliwell (L) & Nathan Wyburn (R). Credits: Instagram.

The video was uploaded to social media yesterday with the caption: “Ok, I am one happy #GingerSpice right now.”

The video has been liked by over 3,000 social media users and received dozens of comments.

One user wrote: “I worked in Glasgow airport when they were huge Geri was so lovely and down to earth.”

Another wrote: “She was genuinely really impressed, well done Nathan.”

One replied: “Met Geri a few weeks back and she was lovely. Those pictures are great.”

Another said: “What a talent. Absolutely incredible.”

Speaking today Nathan Wyburn said: “I guess I’m kinda known for presenting artwork to well-known people including his majesty the King, Blondie, Tom Holland, Sir Tom Jones Shirley Bassey and now Geri Halliwell.

“I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls growing up, and I’ve previously presented to Mel C and Mel B, so to finally get to present something to Ginger Spice was a huge honour.

“I have always absolutely loved Ginger Spice, she’s always been one of my favourite pop stars, so as a portrait artist who specializes in pop culture, to give it to someone who’s so iconic in British pop music, it just seemed fitting.

“The lipstick portrait I did of her that I did of her iconic Brits moment took about two hours to make, I made that a few years ago so to finally get her to sign that for me to keep for myself was amazing.

“The collage artwork that I did was of the character Rosie Frost in her new book which of course the book signing was about.

“I used images of her throughout her career and life, so it’s essentially saying that her as a mother, her as a wife, her as a pop star and a Spice Girl as well as an author are all things that like up this super character, Rosie.

“She loved that, she loved the way that it had a message behind it and she was so humble it was amazing.

“There was a really cool buzz there on they day, everyone was so excited and in high spirits.

“All the Geri and Spice girls fans from around the world have reacted to my video which has blown my socials through the roof!

“It’s really, really cool for so many people to see my work I also get to interact with people that also have huge admiration for Geri as a person and as an artist, so it was really, really cool.”

Geri Halliwell wed Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner in 2015 and the couple share son Monty.

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