Amazon customers condemn “vile” ad for frozen rat pups


DISGUSTED Amazon customers have complained that the online retailer is trying to sell them frozen baby rats.

Several customers say they received targeted Facebook adverts for “frozen rat pups”, complete with a gruesome picture of the product.

The dead rat pups are typically used by the owners of snakes and small birds of prey to feed their pets.

But the complaining Amazon customers say they have no idea why the “vile” adverts are being pushed at them.

The Online Reptile Shop, via Amazon, sells a pack of 10 frozen rat pups for £15.09, describing the product as “high quality frozen animals…packed in ice” and “optimal pet nutrition.”

But customer Kellie Wynn was appalled to receive the ad on her Facebook feed as an Amazon best seller.

She posted: “Dear Amazon. I buy a lot of stuff from you mostly doggie stuff because I own a dog business. Why on earth would you think I’d be interested in buying frozen rat pups?! I am an animal lover. This was very upsetting when it came up in my feed today.

“Please check your algorithms because I really don’t want to see this in my Facebook feed again. Thank you.”

Screenshot of the frozen rats pups for sale







Sue Faulds, added: “Thank you and goodbye Amazon. This is so not appropriate for ad sharing. I appreciate that this is a food dor snakes etc but, I do not need to see it. And, if I am seeing it I am sure a lot of others will. Day ruined.”

Like many of the customers, Sarah Clayton was confused on why she was seeing the “vile” advert for frozen rat pups on her Facebook news feed.

Rosemary Morrison, from Northampton, who keeps rats as pets, had particular reason to be upset.

She said: “Just had an advert for frozen baby rats come through on my newsfeed. Your algorithms must be off kilter because I definitely do not want this.

“I have pet rats and I love them. All the rat stuff I’ve bought from you is to enhance the quality of their life. Not impressed.”

Amy Brook Nowell, wrote: “I just got that and I have only ever bought dog food from Amazon. Apparently they think I want to buy dead baby animals and sperm collection kits for dogs. Nice.

Jamie Wise, added: “That popped up on my feed today. Wtf.”

Amazon were previously accused of encouraging customers to buy components for explosives.

In September last year it was claimed their “frequently bought together” feature suggested products that could be combined to create thermite. Amazon insisted all products adhered to legal guidelines.

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