Drama student’s joy and tears as dad who almost died a year ago makes her crucial exam performance


MOVING video shows a drama student’s joy when her dad turned up unannounced at a play – months after he almost died of a brain haemorrhage.

Gemma Mason was about to give her crucial final year exam performance in London when her dad, who was supposed to be 400 miles away in Scotland, surprises her.

Gemma, 20, gasped and then burst into tears as her father walked up to her at the Italia Conti Academy.

Robin, 55, who was expected to die as a result of the haemorrhage, tells his daughter: “I didn’t want to miss it.”


Gemma, from Ochiltree, East Ayrshire, went on to “smash” the performance as her proud dad looked on.

Gemma, posted the clip, with the caption: “This time last year my dad fell very ill with a brain haemorrhage and we were told he wasn’t going to make it.

“Well look at him now, he’s come all the way to London to surprise me and to see me in my last third year production. I hope I have made you half as proud as you make me everyday.”

The video shows Gemma walking down from the steps of her academy and greeting loved ones who have come to see her.

Gemma was given the big surprise before she performed her exam

She is being handed different cards when the person filming Gemma says: “Do you want to see my present?” to which Gemma replies “yeah”.

The woman filming can be heard saying, “Tah-dah,” Gemma turns around and gasps with shock.

As the camera pans round, her Dad can be seen with open arms and a walking stick as she starts crying before running towards him.

With Gemma clearly delighted to see him, her Dad can be heard saying “I didn’t want to miss it” and is believed to tell her not to ruin her makeup before the clip finishes.

Robin was not expected to survive his brain haemorrhage

The video has racked up more than 600,000 views and has received over 32,000 likes.

Twitter users were also quick to comment on the emotional clip.

Philip Joel said: “Great now I’m crying! What a gorgeous video! I love it he was also worried about your make up!

Jonathan Harvey commented: “Well this has started my day with a big smile. Brilliant!”

Gemma’s post received large online reaction to the emotional clip

Actor Lucie Jones said: “Well this has absolutely melted me. Incredible! Hold him so tight he will be so so proud.”

Jill Myers commented: “I bet you’re proud of each other! I hope your final show went well.”

To which Gemma replied: “Was amazing knowing I had my angel there to support me.”

Robin himself reshared the video expressing how delighted he was to see her.

He said: “Appreciate all the lovely comments so glad I made the trip to see my girl living her dream.

“It could have all been so different for our family.”

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