Pervert banned from every beach in Britain 013


By Lauren Crooks – Deadline Press & Picture Agency

Note: With pics


A PERVERT who filmed young children as they played in the sea has been banned from every beach in Britain.


Thomas Tibbert, 37, sat on a hill spying on the innocent youngsters as they enjoyed the summer weather on the beach.


When he was reported to police, he claimed he was simply filming the shoreline.


But when cops played back the tape it showed that sick Tibbert had been focusing on the semi-naked children as they played.


Yesterday at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Tibbert was placed on probation for three years and told he was no longer allowed to enter any beach or shoreline used by children anywhere in the UK.


He had previously pleaded guilty to acting in a disorderly manner and causing a breach of the peace.


During an earlier appearance, the court heard how Tibbert, of Newmills, had been sitting on a small mound overlooking Burntisland beach with his video camera last July.


But he was busted by cops after a suspicious member of the public reported his unusual behaviour.


When police arrived on the scene and caught Tibbert red-handed, he insisted he was simply filming the shoreline.


But on inspection of the tape, they found that he had in fact been focusing on a number of small children who were playing on the beach and in the sea.


Yesterday at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Sheriff Peter Braid told Tibbert that he would be placed on a three-year probation order.


Tibbert was also banned from entering any beach or shoreline used by children, having photographic equipment out with his home address, and being in contact with any children under the age of 16.


He was placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for a period of three years.


Sheriff Braid warned Tibbert that any breach of his probation would result in a jail sentence.