Anger at BNP poppy wreath


04 close up of BNP wreath at Dunfermline war memorial

By Michael MacLeod

THE British National Party sparked outrage by leaving a wreath at a Scottish war memorial.

Politicians slammed the far-right party as “racist bigots,” saying they should have been banned from attending Sunday’s remembrance for the war dead.

But the party insist they will continue to lay wreaths – emblazoned with the party’s logo – at memorials cross the country.

The row erupted after the BNP left an unofficial wreath alongside others at Dunfermline Abbey’s commemorative plinth.

Fife MSP Jim Tolson said the BNP were simply trying to promote themselves, rather than pay their respects to those who fought and died in the world wars.

He said: “This is an insult to the people that laid down their lives for the freedom these racist bigots want to use to publicise their views.

“All decent-minded people reject the BNP’s views.”

The city’s MP Willie Rennie was at the ceremony, and said he hoped the anti-white and anti-gay party never returns.

He said: “They’re horrendous. I just hope they listen to people’s opposition, reflect and decide not to take part ever again.

“I find them a repugnant party that shouldn’t have a place in British politics.”

Despite not being invited to Sunday’s remembrance, the BNP could not be turned away, according to the local Royal British Legion branch.

Vice-president Tom Fraser said: “No approach was made to us by the BNP but I doubt we could really turn anyone away.

“As long as nobody desecrates or makes a protest we can’t really comment.

“As far as I’m concerned we genuinely welcome anyone who wants to pay their respects and lay a wreath if they wish.”

Anti-fascist magazine Searchlight say people across Britain have objected to the BNP showing up at remembrance ceremonies.

Editor Gerry Cable said: “It’s totally hypocritical that people who peddle the ideas of Hitler’s Third Reich should be anywhere near a war memorial.

“We’re getting calls from all over the country from people complaining where they have been laying wreaths.

“They seem to forget that World War Two was fought against fascism so it is totally out of order.”

Last night BNP Scotland leader Gary Raikes wreath laying was within the party members’ rights.

He said: “We’ve been laying wreaths across the country and we’ll continue to do so to pay respect to the fallen.

“Many of the members and people that laid wreaths in places like Dunfermline are ex-servicemen or their families.

“We never contacted anyone about this and we didn’t do it for political gain but the MP has publicised it.”


  1. Good for the BNP. As the only party representing the needs of the British and speaking out against mass immigration they will continue to grow in support. As for searchlight, they make me laugh peddling smears against the BNP constantly and repeating the same lies over and over and over…

    • Hitler thought he was the one representing the needs of “His” people, BNP should never be allowed in this country along with Fascists.

      BNP members should hang there heads in shame, Our fathers gave there lives to destroy discrimination against colour and creed

  2. What utter nonsense for politicians slate the BNP for honouring our war dead. If these self same politicians had an ounce of integrity they would keep their ignorant mouths shut. As for well-known criminal and communist Gerry Gable his hatred of British patriotism knows no bounds.

    Well done Scottish BNP.

    Lest We Forget.

  3. I am a BNP member and i served in ww2 as for all those stalin types like Gerry Gable of Searchlies what does a idiot like him know about respecting Britains war dead . He is a drop out from the Carl Marx era.and going nowhere. Stupid old Man.

  4. What I find as offensive are war-mongering Labour politicians attending remembrance day events – have these people no shame? As the death toll in Afghanistan and Iraq passes the 300 mark these lying Labour politicians have a nerve shoving their faces in public – they should hang their expenses and allowances claiming heads in shame.

  5. My father and his brothers fought in the first world war, my father from the age of 14 till 19 years old

    I had two brothers in the second world war, every one of them volunteers

    I had a cousin that didn’t come back from a raid over Norway to RAF Leuchars

    Who can tell me as a Sheffield BNP Member I can not remember my cousin and their comrades

    The Sheffield BNP wreath was desecrated with the hammer and sickle emblem by the Labour Party thugs what brave and democratic scum the party have become

    We are growing fast for the British people are seeing through their evil corrupt lies

    If any past or present serving personnel don’t want us there we wouldn’t go but we have many of them in our ranks

  6. If the wreath was ‘unofficial’ then who gets to decide who can pay their respects and who can’t? Seems to me the real fascists are the mainstream politicians who wish to silence anyone with political opinions they don’t agree with.

    Well done to the BNP for not being intimidated by the false outrage of discredited politicians who try to use our heroic war dead as a political football. Shame on them!

  7. When people start using abusive tones, you know that you have won the argument.
    Whatever happened to free speech and the saying and I quote:-
    “I may disagree with everything you say but I will fight to the death your right to say it”.
    As a prominent American once said. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, just make sure you spell the name right.
    One other item. Why is it OK to have a Black Police Association, an Asian Police association but not a White Police Association. The Lib/Lab/Con/Green coalition should remember another old saying. “Beware the anger of a patient man”

  8. Thought you may be interested in the following:-
    David Owens, British National Party by-election candidate in the Fenside ward seat on the Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire, has beaten all comers, piling up more votes than the Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems and UKIP combined.
    The incredible result, achieved on a 22.1 percent turnout in Thursday’s election, saw Mr Owens (image) cruise to a comfortable win with 279 votes.
    The second placed candidate was an independent, who polled 141 votes.
    Next came the Tories, with 119 votes,
    Labour with 64 votes,
    UKIP with 24 votes and the
    Lib-Dems with 23 votes.

  9. “All decent-minded people reject the BNP’s views.” No, all decent minded people DON’T reject the BNP’s views – only the opposite do!

    Editor Gerry Cable said: “It’s totally hypocritical that people who peddle the ideas of Hitler’s Third Reich should be anywhere near a war memorial.

    No, the hypocritical thing is YOU Gerry!

    People fought for our right to freedom – the present government are fighting against it. The ONLY way out is the BNP.

    Stop using people’s deaths as an anti BNP brigade – it’s immoral, show a bit of respect will you?!

  10. What does it matter who honours the fallen,.the fact is they are being honoured and not yet forgotten;once we forget we really have something to worry about I couldnt give a damn about yellow,black,white or brown…I will however care when my freedom is brought in to question,at which point I beleive black white Labour Lib dem conservative and many other will allways pull together,in peace everyone has the right to voice their opinion whether we agree or not…We can get on or row…it dont really matter its all cobblers and propoganda

  11. The essenetial fact remains the same, there are a lot of people to remember and I personally don’t mind who lays a wreath as long as it is in the spirit of the day. This is about rememberance not politics.

    Not sure about the BNP or indeed labour or the conservatives there isn’t much between them in my opinion. When they (insert party here) get into power they all have the one thing in common. Serivice to themselves.

    Lets leave the banter and bring the real reason to the fore, the thousands of servicemen who benefit from the annual (sadly) appeal and the monies raised by it. If the BNP bought the poppies and made a contribution then good for them. Any religious groups represented by wreaths at this location?

    Anyone know the full list?

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