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1Pervert told girl “no one will hear you scream”

Pervert told girl “no one will hear you scream”

By Paul Thornton

A PERVERT who preyed on three young girls at his home has been jailed.

Vile James Enwood, 45, followed the girls into rooms, crept into a bedroom where they were sleeping and chased one round his living room telling her “no one will hear you scream”.

In a string of attacks the father-of-three groped two girls aged 12 and 14 and performed sex acts on himself in front of them over the course of six months.

After he was charged with two offences, he was released on bail before committing his final attack.

He was jailed for 22 months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after earlier pleading guilty to three charges of lewd and libidinous behaviour.

He was also slapped on the sex offenders register for life.

Fiscal depute Dev Kapadia told the court how the first attack happened when a 12-year-old girl had been at his Granton Mains Wynd home in Edinburgh and had gone to make herself a hot drink.

Mr Kapadia said: “She had gone to make herself a hot drink and he had followed her. He put his hand on her breast.”

The next time the young girl had been in Enwood’s care and was sleeping over at his home. Enwood called for the girl to go to his room but when the terrified youngster refused he made his way to hers.

Mr Kapadia said: “He came in and put his hander under the duvet covering the girl and touched her.”

On the third occasion the youngster had gone round to Enwood’s home to collect a DVD only to find him in his livingroom with his trousers down around his ankles exposing himself to her.

The second girl had been at the man’s home and was playing with a computer when sleazy Enwood came to her and put his hand on her stomach.

He said: “Is my hand cold?”

The girl, just 14-years-old, said “yes” and Enwood went on to run his hand up her clothing and feel her up before pulling her to him and forcing a kiss on her.

Enwood was arrested and charged with the earlier offences but was released on bail earlier this year.

One of his victim’s did not tell her 17-year-old big sister, who also visited the house on occasions and continued to do so unaware of his sick advances.

And when Enwood, who was on bail at the time, tried his sick antics on her, she reported him to the police.

She had left a room where others had been playing with a tarantula because she did not like spiders.

When she was alone Enwood pounced, chasing her around his livingroom telling her “no one will hear you scream because of the loud music”.

The girl fell over and Enwood leapt on top, trying to kiss her. When she curled up to her her face, he slapped her on her legs and squeezed her.

But she got away and reported him to the police.

Enwood admitted the offences, which happened between July and December last year, on October 28 and had his sentence deferred for reports.

His lawyer Emma Todd said he was remorseful both for his attacks and the effect they had had on his victims.

She added that his eldest son had snubbed him since the offences came to light.

Sheriff Kenneth Maciver said: “The courts must protect young females from offending of this type.”

He jailed Enwood for 22 months, with an extended sentence of two years, where he will be monitored and subject to conditions.

Enwood was also placed on the sex offenders register for life.

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