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1Family shocked by fifteen minute birth

Family shocked by fifteen minute birth


By Cara Sulieman

A DAD to be had to be quick off the mark to deliver his first son – in a birth that took just 15 minutes to finish.

James Bowman and partner Laura Sharp, 31, had been preparing for a quiet day with their young family in the final week before their new baby was due to be born in hospital.

But her waters broke after she went to the bathroom in a flash little Jae Thomas was born at the couple’s home in Dunfermline.

James Bowman, 30, called the ambulance but there wasn’t enough time and he had to deliver the 6lb 1oz tot himself.


And last night doting mum Laura said: “I’m very proud of James. He was nervous but very calm.”

The mother-of-four woke up feeling nauseous on August 15, and called her stepdad to ask him to take her to hospital.

Whilst she was waiting her waters broke and James called the ambulance.

But they arrived moments too late – leaving James to deliver the baby having managed to first help mum into the bedroom.

“Stay calm”

He said: “Laura went into labour in the bathroom and told me to call the ambulance.

“I was nervous and panicking. I was speaking to the paramedics and they told me to stay calm and get her out of the bathroom and onto a bed.

“I was very nervous and uptight. All I could think was that the ambulance needed to hurry up.”

But despite his nerves, the new father managed to follow the instructions given to him down the phone.

Cut the cord

He said: “Jae’s head was already appearing when I called them and they told me to push down on the bottom of her stomach and the baby would come out.

“I caught him in my hands and moments later the ambulance arrived and they took care of it from there.

“I went to wash my hands and then came back to cut the cord. I was quite shaken because I didn’t know what to expect.”

Laura has three children from a previous relationship – Scott, 13, Ryan, 11, and Robyn, six – but it was the first baby for James.

But now Laura is sure that he is going to be a great dad.

“Too quick”

She said: “He was a bit shaken but he was certainly chuffed. It was a very special moment, a bit exciting, but very special.

“I’ve always had quick labours – my first was the longest at seven and a half hours.

“But 15 minutes is too quick.”

Mother and baby were taken to Forth Park Hospital for a check up and allowed home the same day.

And tiny Jae has been settling into family life.

Laura said: “Jae is tiny, even premature baby clothes are too big for him. But he’s healthy and happy.

“He is so quiet and as good as gold – despite such a big entrance into the world!”

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