Hairy Angel takes up residence on DJ’s tree


The picture of the angel on Unofficial Mills

By Cara Sulieman

SHE HAS been dubbed the Hairy Angel and now Susan Boyle has taken up residence as the Christmas angel on top of a radio DJ’s tree.

Scott Mills revealed SuBo as his tree-topper on his show on Radio 1 earlier this week.

And pictures of the decorations have been posted on the Unofficial Mills website – prompting comment from the DJ’s fans.

But rather than talking about the homage to the Britain’s Got Talent singer, they are commenting on Mills’ flat.

Broken lights

He said: “Some people are commenting that I need some coving on my ceiling rather than on the Susan Boyle character.

“Thanks for one comment on my flat and not my Susan Boyle angel on top of my tree.”

Clearly the DJ was proud of his choice of angel, even though he wasn’t able to decorate the tree himself.

With just two weeks until Christmas, Mills watched as his flatmate decorated his tree – scared he was going to break the decorations.

He said on Tuesday’s show: “I tried to do the lights but because I’m big and clumsy I kept standing on all the bulbs and smashing them.”

SuBo is set to have a festive Christmas season as her album sits at number one in the album charts, and looks like it might hold on to be the Christmas number one album.

She performed on French television earlier this week, and has been going down a storm in the US, where I Dreamed a Dream is on track to be the biggest selling US album of the year.

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