Puddles in the dock instead of criminals


By Michael MacLeod

COURT staff were left mopping up after a bust pipe flooded a court room and soaked the carpets.

Puddles of water replaced criminals and prisoners sitting in the dock at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Luckily for justice officials, a spare room was found to accommodate affected cases today (Monday).

The weekend flood left carpets soaking in court room eight, which is normally used for trials without juries.

The leak came from the ceiling above the court room, which is below the Sheriffs’ chambers on a private level of the court, away from public access.

No cases were delayed or affected by the last minute move, according to the Scottish Court Service.

A spokesperson said: “There was localised flooding in court eight within Edinburgh Sheriff Court due to a leaking pipe in the area above.

“A plumber attended to repair the pipe and business was transferred to court five so there was no disruption to any cases.

“It is hoped business can resume in court eight tomorrow.”