Coin licked by SuBo sold


By Cara Sulieman

ONE wacky eBay bidder bagged themselves a so called bargain when they bought a pound coin allegedly LICKED by Susan Boyle for just 99 pence.

After seven days on the site, the auction only attracted one bid in the final day is was listed.

And with no other interest, the bidder nabbed the memorabilia for the lowest possible price.

With free postage, they can look forward to receiving a one pence profit along with a small piece of SuBo’s saliva.


The seller, who is only indentified as cjpj1995 from Macclesfield, claims that the West Lothian star gave the coin a lick after the final of Britain’s Got Talent last May.

In the item description they wrote: “OMFG I went to the Britain’s Got Talent final and stayed behind afterwards and managed to get Susan Boyle and asked her to lick a 1 pound coin!!

“I decided to put it on eBay to see how much it was worth.”

The coin – minted in 1984 – is described as “used” and will be on its way to its new home after the auction ended on Wednesday night.

A huge variety of Susan Boyle memorabilia is sold on the site, including mugs, badges, t-shirts, underwear and hundreds of copies of her debut album.

The singer shot to fame after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in April last year.

An overnight sensation, the clip of her audition posted on YouTube remains the most viewed video in the site’s history.