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1“Terrible” Sean Connery poem found after 55 years

“Terrible” Sean Connery poem found after 55 years

By Rory Reynolds

A HANDWRITTEN poem by film legend Sean Connery has been discovered in the guest book of a bed and breakfast.

The original James Bond star was staying in a humble Leeds guest house when he penned the six line rhyme and thanked the owner for his stay.

Connery, aged around 25 at the time, was touring with a production of South Pacific and was staying at a B&B run by a woman called Mrs Hawksbridge.

The book, which also contains the names of popular 1950s comedians Mike and Bernie Winters and Italian opera star Pier Miranda Ferraro, is now being offered on eBay for around £950.

The bookseller, an autograph collector from Cardiff, admits that that the Edinburgh-born film star is no poet, but says his autograph is the earliest version he has seen to date.The poem reads: “I must say goodbye to Leeds! I’ll never forget your feeds! Nor my cared for every needs! I can’t find another line! To complete my little rhyme! So it’s time I said Time!

Terrible poet

“Thankyou Mrs Hawksbridge very much for a very, very welcome stay.”

On eBay the seller wrote: “The highlight of the guest book is a page containing a poem, dedicated to the owner of the guesthouse, entirely written by Sir Sean Connery in 1955 and then signed.

“I’m sure you’ll agree that Connery was indeed a terrible poet.

“Little did he know that only seven years later he would assume the acting role of James Bond and become the most famous actor in the world.

“This is without a doubt the earliest Sean Connery autograph I’ve ever seen.”


While on tour with South Pacific, Connery is said to have been offered a contract at Manchester United after the team manager Matt Busby watched the cast of the show play his youth side.

Reportedly Connery turned down the offer even after Busby, the side’s longest serving manager, tempted him by saying he would double the future film star’s wage.

Connery is said to have turned it down because he believed his playing career would be over by 30, but that an acting career would offer him a living for life.

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