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Record-breaking rodent smashes own best for longest jump by a guinea pig

TRUFFLES the amazing leaping guinea pig has smashed his own world record – by a remarkable 18cm.

The incredible rodent cemented his place in the world records with a jump of 48cm, after challengers from abroad managed to beat his previous best.

The guinea pig, from Rosyth in Fife, landed himself in this year’s Guinness Book of World Records by jumping 30cm.

Chloe (left) and her sister Nicole with the amazing Truffles



That beat by 10cm the previous record set in 2009 by a London Guinea Pig called Diesel.

Truffle’s owner, Chloe Macari, 14, trained up herpet to jump after seeing the Disney film G-Force, which stars a group of genetically modified super-guniea pigs.

Chloe’s mum Angela said Truffles may now retire after his latest feat.

She said: “He will be champ for at least a year. Chloe is ecstatic he’s retained his title, but it’s retirement now.”

Truffles’ 30cm record was set at James Spence scout hall near the family’s home earlier this year, watched by other members of Chloe’s 41 Scouts.




Observers from the Guinness Book of Records filmed the leap to ensure the it was conducted in accordance with the rules.

Angela said: “It was a great night – you should’ve seen the faces of the Scouts – and my dad, John, was the proud granddad, parading around with Truffles.

“It was absolutely lovely and the girls were delighted.”

Chloe has previously spoken of her friends’ jealously over her fleet-footed pet.

She has said: “At school a lot of my friends have pets and I have always been jealous of them because I only had a guinea pig.

“But now they are jealous of me because I have a world record breaking guinea pig.”




Talking about her training regime for Truffles, she has said: “I had two shoe boxes and these cushions between them for safety.

“We kept moving the shoe boxes further and further apart.

“We started at around 15cm and he was quite good. He got to 20 and then 25cm very quickly, within a few weeks.”

As well as earning her guinea pig fame, Chloe has been awarded a Scouting community event badge.

Angela said Truffles and fellow guinea pig Nibbles, who belongs to Chloe’s sister Nicole, may try their paws at new records.

Truffles received a certificate for his feat as well as international fame.



The Guinness Book of World Records today confirmed that Truffles had out-jumped his existing record after he “cleared a gap of 48 cm (18.89 in) in Rosyth, Fife, UK”.

Although other guinea pigs had reportedly jumped further than Truffles’ previous 30cm record, none of them were officially recorded, a spokesman said.

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