BBC staff padlock fridge after Radio 5 Live raids


SEXY-voiced radio presenter Rachel Burden made an on air confession to being an office milk thief – after po-faced BBC colleagues were forced to padlock their fridge.

The 39-year-old, who co-presents Radio 5 Live’s hugely popular breakfast show alongside Nicky Campbell, admitted to regularly prowling the corridors of Beeb HQ in Salford during the early hours.

Her 4.30am forays happen whenever she arrives in the deserted building for work only to find the Five Live studios without milk for her essential early morning cuppa.

She told co-host Campbell: “Occasionally we run out of milk which causes widespread panic.

“Because the other floors are not so active early in the morning I occasionally go and borrow a little bit of milk from one of their fridges.”


BBC radio presenter Rachel Burden made an on air confession to being an office milk thief


Edinburgh-born Nicky Campbell quickly retorted: “Is ‘borrow’ the right word?”

But the unrepentant mum-of-three – who is renowned for her husky voice – replied: “I went to the fourth floor the other day and they had padlocked their fridge and left a post-it note saying ‘someone’s been stealing our milk’!

“They’d padlocked their fridge!”

She added: “One BBC and all that. I thought milk sharing was acceptable. Apparently not.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “It seems things went a bit sour over the Christmas period so we are getting the cream of Salford to solve the mystery.”

Last year it was revealed that Chancellor George Osborne keeps a padlock on his fridge in the Treasury.

His Lib Dem coalition partner Danny Alexander made the revelation claiming it was to stop people plundering what he described as a doubled sized fridge.

The so called ‘fridgegate’ claims were disputed by Osborne’s aides who insisted a key was left on the top to allow people to take milk.